General News Thread 2.0


I just watched this fucking shit, and I want to throw up.


Lol comments full of Nazis.


Good find my guy.

I had to pause the video at several points. I can’t even express how it made me feel.

To be trapped in the mindset that people are just their ethnic slur. That’s what was really sad. Each time one of the characters was introduced and his mindset was explained I had to pause and shake my head.

It was just that they all died and I am happy that the last two got to look each other in the eye before dying.


I’m visiting DC next month. Looks like i’ll be too early for that Parade.

What a shame.


ah cool. Hope you enjoy the city. Wish i was still out there i’d meet up for sure.


Cheers! Never been to the capital before. Looking forward to it.

Didn’t think I would be heading back to the USA so soon. Funny how things change.


A follow up, even though I don’t want this rat inside a person getting any more attention. How dare he have the nerve to go on live tv and give his bullshit opinion on the worst genocide in history. I seriously hope he’s descendant from black Jews. Fuck this piece of shit. No, piece of shit is too kind for him. A piece of shit can fertilize soil. Arthur Jones should be pissed on. Fucking asshole.


Him and every last Nazi piece of shit too.


Don’t trust Cops


Nazis should Be fucking killed. We should start “Witch” hunt


Disturbing video here. Watch it all.


88 posts were split from this topic.


Sometimes the right decision is made.


musky boi sent his car in space :laughing:


In case somebody gives a shit about ice skating:
Ireen Wust broke another record.

Proud to be Dutch!


So, since I have removed an ironic number of posts because there was apparently some debate over whether Nazis are okay or not and whether it is appropriate to defend Nazi sympathizers dropping one line responses by making up elaborate stories to defend them.

A few points everyone should be familiar with in the Forum Guidelines:

Improve the Discussion
One way to improve the discussion is to flag when people are clearly trying to sabotage the conversation by providing non-contribution antagonization posts.
“If you want to kill Nazis you are as bad as Nazis” “No you’re bad” etc
These would go nowhere at the best of times, and while one off impulsive replies are generally acceptable as a response if they meet most of the other forum guidelines.

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree
This, amazingly, does not mean that you can advocate anything you like so long as you avoid using insults. It means you actually have to follow all the common courtesies of discussion such as being charitable to your opposition (eg not making a jump from them saying they support killing Nazis to them assuming they have the legal right to kill any white guy with short hair) and avoiding misrepresentation (eg providing elaborate arguments for why a forum member who just endorsed genocide is really not endorsing genocide) and conspiracy theories (eg all members of this group are just misrepresented… by people showing what they actually said).
If your stance can’t hold up without having to resort to this kind of nonsense - you should probably rethink your stance.

Always Be Civil
Again, this does not mean you can say anything you like provided you avoid swearing or direct insults at other forum members. It means you also have to avoid endorsing uncivilized content such as saying that advocating for genocide is not so bad, or that a group that is remembered for actually attempting genocide is not bad. Because these stances inherently advocate for violence against various groups based of race, orientation, etc and hence are not acceptable under the forum guidelines.

Keep It Tidy
This thread is for general news. If you want talk about the history and psychology of nationalism, specifically about how it becomes popular etc then the appropriate place to discuss that is a suitably titled thread. And in that thread, and the general news thread, it is not acceptable to attempt to derail the conversation (eg to try to shift the conversation from the discussion of the problem to whether or not you think its unfair of certain forum members to be opposed to the problem) etc

Your Participation Counts
Participation includes your issuing Likes to posts and sending supportive PMs to people who are clearly not following the guidelines there. If you find yourself applying likes to clear breaches of forum guidelines - don’t be surprised if you get a warning or a suspension.

And above all: If you’ve received warnings on this before, and a mod has just posted to stop the conversation to allow the thread to be tidied later - do not assume you’re above the rules and can just resume it with your own spin.



Halbe Zijlstra, the foreign minister of the Netherlands, just quitted after lying about his fake meeting with Putin. He deserved it.

This is what they call “Fake News”.



Another fucking school shooting.