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AMERICANS! Fix Your country. This is not Normal😡


Might as well give them a water pistol. Do you know what the effective range of a stun gun is? About 5 metres. By comparision the effective range of a small 9mm pistol is about 100m.

There is, it’s called a SWAT team.

There’s been a lot of talk, and rightly so, about whether police officers are misusing guns and if the general public in America should have access to firearms. Responding to an active shooter is an entirely different situation. Real life isn’t a video game, there isn’t a catch-all non-lethal option aside from the fleeting hope that some brave soul near the shooter might somehow subdue them. But rarely does that happen, and why should anyone be expected to massively endanger themselves so that the shooter might also survive? Superheros don’t exist, Sam Fisher isn’t real. Instead the trained professionals who respond to such incidents should be free to use the quickest, safest and most effective option, and in the majority of school shootings that option is lethal force.

The root of the problem isn’t that shooters aren’t being properly neutralised or that there isn’t enough of a deterrent for them. It’s that people as young as 6 have access to firearms and for whatever reason are using them to commit atrocities far too frequently.


Responding tactics wont lower the number of school shootings. Only their outcome. It is a social issue that many kids are willing to go on a killing spree.


Yes, my point exactly.


I’m late here, but what the hell 17 fucking people died? You know what really pisses me off, it’s almost always these young kids doing this shit. Emotional, hopped up on hormones and completely inexperienced, I have to imagine that guilt registers with these people after a few years. Just so pointless and avoidable.


this is the devil cunt who took 17 lives, Nikolas Cruz



and the response of the NRA backing politicians is not surprising.


Quoting myself for posterity:

They are the reason nothing will ever change.


No, see, the NRA have it all figured out. Everyone knows thoughts and prayers cannot be penetrated by bullets. It’s genius. Wait, what was I saying?


Good that the cops arrested that piece of shit.


It’s actually surprisingly rare that a school shooter is arrested. Usually they plan to kill as many people as possible and then take their own lives. But he dropped his weapon and escaped in the ensuing panic among other students.


But guys, just think for a second, i’ve posted a video here in which 10-12 cops have surrounded a homeless man, he may be carrying a knife but being surrounded by 10-12 cops who have guns pointed at you, they dont arrest the man, or taser him even though he’s well within reach, all of them unload a barrage of bullets. What kind of ‘fear of life’ would one person posses when he/she is surrounded by that many cops. Here’s the video:

and now the Florida shooter, he’s armed with an assault rifle but the police not only catches him ALIVE but the poor devil is named ‘an unfit/mentally deranged person’ instead of a terrorist. I’m not insulting the brave cops or people involved in the massacre but just think. Australia and the UK had had mass shootings, once the guns were banned i have never heard any other mass shooting from these countries. But in the great USA, its an everyday thing, where the fucking cunt politicians blame video games, movies, and what not but wont address the issue. GUNS ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM AND FUCK THE 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT if it allows kids to be massacred.


Idiot. Do you Guys know can this asshole get Dead penalty?


Yes, since Florida has the death penalty. I’d say a death sentence is
probably likely.

Not that I agree with it, even for scumbags like this.


How old is the the shooter? I don’t know if that will have any say in weather or not he will charged with a death sentence.


19 years old ,…


So he can get Dead penalty. Thats good


Well there definitely needs to be research and and development in this area to figure out a great 100m non-lethal direct response.

But I agree with @urben that it only changes the outcome, not the cause. However, I am a strong believer that one should always strive really for two solutions. One that can be used as “stopper” solution and another one that can go deeper and fix the cause of problems.


How is an eternity of feeling nothing punishment? Chances are this guy doesn’t care about dying anyway.

Fuck the death penalty.


Exactly. Death is too easy for some scumbags. A lot of people don’t even consider how jail is essentially like being dead anyway. Stored in some forgotten hell hole with people like you AND worse than you,with rape,brawls,no freedom,having to eat the same chow over and over again,in a 2x4 cell,like this forever is probably a worst fate,especially considering his case where he probably hopes to die anyway.
Prison is a death sentence,just a delayed one that slowly wears you down.


I don’t like this idea that the only reason the death penalty is wrong is because it isn’t torturous enough. It is wrong because it is wrong. Not only can it no longer be morally justified, it doesn’t work for any of the reasons people claim it does. It doesn’t deter the worst kind of criminality. It is not foolproof and too many innocent people are put to death.