General News Thread 2.0


Well,I’m generally against death penalty. It’s not only wrong on a moral level,it is also,as you said,uneffective. It fails to be a deterrent,it fails on a moral level,it fails in general. Prison is a much more effective tool. Justice wise as well. Plus,just like you said,there have been innocents that got killed unfairly,whereas in prison there’s always a chance for a retrial or for some evidence to come to the surface.
I used to not understand the removal of death penalty,but to be honest it doesn’t really serve a purpose;I fully agree with you.


Tore,if you can’t handle one discussion without insulting like a kid in elementary school maybe you should stay out of the General News thread,did that ever even cross your mind? Is it that hard for you to make a discussion with motivations and points without being driven by emotion? Is it? Do you have a hard time understanding what a subjective point of view is?


Breivik’s case was horrible,and the copycats he created aggravated it. But tell me,does killing him change anything? You need to try and understand that life in prison is not a fairytale,it’s hell. Maybe taking him out would have made you feel better,but nothing changes in the long run. Copycats still would’ve tried to surpass him. He is done anyways.
Your point being…?
Also,you deflected my question.


No but we least get some Justice. Its Really disgusting to thing that he has chance to get released from Prison


Hah not only me but many others


I really hate how there has to be a revenge part on “justice”. Just “fix” him or keep him locked.


Fuckers like him cant Be fixed. No One can Fix mind of Nazis. Hey remember we are talking about Norway here. He Will get released eventually


Agreed the eye for an eye mentality doesn’t work. People who commit such horrible crimes should never be released. It’s for the best that they get locked up and never sees the outside world again.

I doubt that they can be rehabilitated enough to become a functional citizen again. Well at least not in an American prison.


I doubt it. I know he got 21 years but they’ll be able to keep him inside. They have provisions for that.


Well lets hope that


Well he is Nazi😐


Cruz will drag this with him for the rest of his life. He will never, ever, get away from this.


What on earth are you meaning when you are saying “we are talking about Norway here”?

I’m from Norway and live in Norway and i can assure you that Anders Behring Breivik will never be released from prison, the only other place he can end up in beside prison, is forced mental health treatment locked up in a mental health facility for the rest of his life.


Prison is justice and that psychopath will never see the outside of a prison again trust me man. At best a mental health facility. A guy like him will never be free,ever again. They’ll find a way to keep him locked up,as they always do with cases like his.


Innocent people have been executed, recently at that. The death penalty should not exist for that reason alone, ultimate justice isn’t worth the risk of the system getting it wrong sometimes.


Yeah in the USA😐 Please dont use USA as example because we know that their System is little bit fucked


If this is true Maybe we can lock up few Nazis there And there🤔


I Have to say here in Northern Europe sentences are laughable. Prisons here are Nothing. They never learn…


And other countries with Death Penalty isn’t? name one country that got Death Penalty that isn’t a third world country. You can be damn sure that it isn’t just in the US where people are wrongfully prosecuted. So please don’t dismis the US just because you don’t like them.


Sorry I dont really get Your point😐