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And yet Norway has an extremely lower rate of re-offending compared to other nations.


You disqualify the U.S on the notion of being fucked up, after it’s argued that death penalty is far from justice and that innocents are also charged with Death Penalty. Then I ask you to name a country with Death Penalty that doesn’t prosecute innocents.

The U.S might be a hole lots of fucked up…but there is no country with a Death Penalty where you can use the word “justice”.


You know that theres always least One mistake?


When the outcome of this mistake is innocent people potentially being executed, the system that allowed this should not exist.


You’re right - why should the US have gun control? After all, not everyone is shooting up a school…


So you are willing to sacrifice innocents just to have the knowledge that,instead of rotting in prison,they are rotting in hell and shrug it off as a mistake? That’s not justice,that’s petty,especially considering that the result of this equation is the same,the threat is not among us anymore. I rest my case,Prison is more effective.


13 Russian individuals have been charged with tampering in the US elections.


IO Still teasing us with double ballers…
Happy Day 47 of 2018!


It’s either just a photo or it’s


I’m afraid it’s the first one.


…Fucking really?


Gun owners plan to take action to express the need to remove the mindset that “everyday people should have Assault Weapons”

In other sources, some gun stores in the US already announced that they are implementing their own stricter house rules for gun buyers regardless of whether new bills get passed or not. Some have an Age 21 rule, and others go further demanding that you show proof you are on active duty or have had proper training.

It is not universal though.


Honestly, no civilian should be allowed to own a fucking AR.


Lol he’s so fucking stupid, he’s making me look like a fucking genius. This would create even more problems related to mass shootings.


Conan O’Brien called it!

The most I would have agreed to was more advanced (like super advanced) non-lethal defensive tools (if you don’t want to call such things weapons) but right here Trump wants teachers to apparently end up like teachers in Peshawar who now look like they could really clear a house.

That’s what Recess now looks like over there.


Why? What is it about an AR-15 that renders it less suitable for ownership by a private citizen than any other semi-automatic rifle?


Well “AR” as a category would mean an Assault Rifle. And, I dunno isn’t “assaulting” the work of the Military and Special Law Enforcement?

Outside of those fields, engaging in “assault” is usually a crime is it not?


I meant AR as assault rifle.


According to the Defense Intelligence Agency Small Arms Identification and Operation Guide—Eurasian Communist Countries, “Assault rifles are short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachinegun and rifle cartridges.” [Emphasis added]

Therefore, an assault rifle, in the true sense, is regulated as a machine gun according to the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Are you not using “assault rifle” to refer to semi-automatic rifles, such as the AR-15?


Shouldn’t your emphasis be on the cartridge power?

i think that would be the cause of most contention. The more powerful a munition is the less protection civilians can have against them and the more instant their lethal effect.

When people say “no civilian needs an AR” they are most likely referring to the power of the ammunition involved.


No, because the 5.56×45mm NATO (AR-15) and 7.62×39mm Soviet (AK-47) cartridges are less powerful than many of the cartridges that are popular for hunting deer (.30-30, .243, .308, .30-06, .270, etc.)