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NRA refuses to take responsibility once again:

Or show any kind of “leadership” for that matter. Whining bunch of scumbag terrorist enablers. Fuck the NRA.

Meanwhile, in the Oval Office


What a innovative idea. He should call those ratings Motion Picture Association of America or something along those lines, I think it could really catch on.


Yeah… so again… .the system exists. Basically the Nikolas Cruz case points to a really bad (reoccurring?) bug in the system.

So… that was “Just OK”? :confused:

Speaking of bugs in the system:



Oh,I hope that the people that allowed this mess,including the assholes that should be fired that ignored all the warning signs,won’t be able to sleep at night for years to come,because the shooting is on them,and their incompetence should be severely punished.


A Marjory Stoneman Douglas school resource officer has been suspended without pay after Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said video shows him taking up a defensive position during the shooting but never entering the school.

Israel announced Thursday that the decision to suspend Deputy Scot Peterson was made after reviewing video from the shooting and taking statements from witnesses and Peterson himself, Israel said.
“He should have went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer,” Israel said.
Peterson was armed and on campus during the shooting, Israel said. Since he met the requirements for retirement, Peterson opted to resign after he was told he was being suspended, Israel said.

Israel said that the video shows Peterson arrived at the west side of Building 12, where most of the killing happened. He then took up a position but “never went in.”

The video shows that Peterson remained outside the building for upward of four minutes during the shooting, which lasted about six minutes, Israel said. Aside from getting “on his radio,” Peterson did “nothing” while standing outside the building, Israel said.


Well I can understand that guy to a certain degree. Nobody wants to end up in a situation where you could die. But it’s part of the job. If you’re a cop you know that you may end up in a situation where someone is trying to kill you. You hope it never happens, but sometimes it does. And the rule of engagement for first responders during a school shooting are pretty clear: Go inside and try to stop that guy, because every second he’s still active could increase the death toll.


So if we arm all Teachers and they hide rather than pull out their guns, are they cowards too?

I think we should put Trump up against a school shooter with an AR-15 and see if he still feels the same.


No, you can’t compare civilians and police officers, after all the police job is to serve and protect and for me, protect means protect the public with you own life.




So now in the Netherlands, a theater which organizes children’s parties can’t do a Wild West-themed party anymore. According to an activist-group it’d evoke racism, because the children can dress up as a cowboy or an Indian, along with their caricatures.

Sometimes I have this persistent feeling that something’s going very wrong.


No links to this story?


Da fak? What’s wrong with dressing up? Everyone is so triggered nowadays :confused:


Lol a bunch of companies just pulled their support of the NRA. Get fucked!


Well, I could give you some, but it’s all in Dutch…


But Thats good thing? Least Theater was smart enough to remove this


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This bugs me beyond belief, there is nothing wrong with children playing Cowboys and Indians, “role play” is an important part of Children’s development, it helps develop their social skills. They learn to control them self in different social arenas and what is and isn’t acceptable, some children need a guiding hand, because they havn’t been able to crack the code.

There is no reason to label a child’s playtime as Racist, because that’s simply not something children understands or thinks about. You are instead evoking a culture where they ain’t allowed to experiment and instead pulling a misguided attempt of teaching children about racisme down over their heads.

Children should be encouraged to play all kind of games, all from Super-Heros, Star Wars, Handymen, to older role games like Cowboy and Indians. Their development is more important then some miss guided attempt to pull ideas down over their head. Children that are allowed to play with an open mind and not spoon feed political ideas will have much better chance at developing a healthy understanding for the surrounding world. I see enough miss guided children on daily basis because their parents are fuckwits, all from racist muslims, to racist white kids and this something that’s learned from their parents. The more knowledge you have on a subject the easier it is to see past the extremes.

This is goddamn text book knowledge…


Let’s make them play the Massacre at Wounded Knee in which the cowboys mercilessly slaughtered every Indian they could find. And then spread disease among them on purpose!


Exactly! But there are some people that are seriously fucked in te head who think they have any right to label a child’s game as racist. And @Quinn, of course they aren’t really Indians/cowboys: that’s the whole point of roleplaying in the playground!
Furthermore, kids playing a game should be some small fry shit. But when a small group gets to decide what kind of parties children can and can’t have, then something’s really fucked up.

Sorry for sounding so emotional, but I really care about this.


Well it’s not even a problem, children simply don’t play Cowboy and Indians them self anymore. It’s a game that existed when Spagetti westerns where popular and they havn’t been popular for the last 40 years. Children’s games are influenced by the culture we live in, they are more likely to play Superheroes, Star Wars and other things like Handymen. This all comes down to age groups and genders.

2-3 year old boys normally play games that reflects their father profession or the role of the tv-shows that are target them, like Postman Pat, Bob the Builder.

4-8 year old boys are more keen to play more sophisticated role play games, where there are themes like good & Evil. You can be damn sure that a lot of kids are play Black Panter right now, white, Muslim or Black they all play it. Just like a few years ago the most popular thing to play was Star Wars in the Kindergarten I worked at.

It’s perfectly normal for a child to play games that reflect our current culture and it’s a great tool for them to develop the social skills they need to make it. The kids who don’t have the needed social skills or able to figure out the “rules” normally don’t trives and need more attention from social educators.

Do I think it’s wrong to force this idea that Playing Cowboy and Indians is racist onto a child? yes I do. Because it’s simply not about that aspect for a child, they don’t understand and they won’t be able to understand such a strange and complex issue before they are much older. They will rather experience a bigger defeat and a feeling of being wrong. That is in itself much more damaging to their development phase.

Just like parents that forbids their children to twerk, because it’s sexual. Well that is a load of hogwash. The sexual labeling is a concept of a grownup mind. Children aren’t sexual, they don’t think about sexual ideas or do it to be sexual. They do it because it’s fun and that is all that matters. Sure children experiment with we call “Doctor games” and they are frowned upon for other reason then playing with genitals…but more because there is a hole health and germs issue surrounding exploring their sexes and what it is to be a boy or girl.

Children will learn right from wrong under the right circumstances, but it won’t happen by forcing opinions down over their heads that they ain’t able to comprehend.