General News Thread 2.0


This is going to put some serious pressure on the Tories. Interesting development.


It’s easy to call these cops cowards, but to be honest is it that surprising? If I’m some dick watching a school and some asshole busts in with a fucking AR15, I have to say I’m not sure if I’m going to try and pull a Die Hard. These are just trained people with pistols, you don’t face somebody armed with that kind of weapon without heavy reinforcements like SWAT. That’s why when a school shooting happens, it’s not a couple cops who storm the place but it’s the highly armoured, well armed team they call.

I’m just saying that I get it, they’re dudes with pistols not superheroes.


What is this, the early 2000s?

It’s been a while since we had a good old scaremonger over violent video games.


“Let’s blame everything and everyone as long as we don’t have to change our gun laws.”

People all over the world play violent games, yet these school shootings only happen in the US.


Yeah, really… :roll_eyes:

Well, in my defense again lol I’m from the US and also played violent videos games at a young age and it never even crossed my mind to go on a shooting rampage…

Speaking of “blaming video games” this reminded me…

Does anyone remember when the news was actually talking about “Hitman Contracts” back in 04 and telling parents not to buy this game for their kids? I was trying to look for it on YT but no luck.


It made the front page of the Daily Heil, even.



In other news, Indonesia can’t seem to find its brain right now. Give them some time.


If they were clever they would not crimialize homosexual sex explicitly but forbidding same-sex marriage so homosexual sex is always outside of marriage.

But they are not clever, they hold up the sign of “back to the medieval times!”



Sorry, but as I said before: To me knowledge the police officers responds to a school shooting is to go in and try to stop the suspect(s) as fast as possible. Even if it’s pistols vs. automatic rifles. Because every second you’re waiting more people could end up dead. They don’t have to rush in blindly, but they have to go inside.

Point in case: During the last big school shooting in Germany it only took two minutes until the first three cops arrive. They went in immediately, which resulted in shooter fleeing from the scene leaving behind large quantities of ammunition. Sadly he managed to hijack a car before they could lockdown the whole area and in the end he killed three more people before taking his own life.

Maybe the cops knew something we didn’t. But right now it looks like someone just made the wrong decision.


You know I was sure that it happened like this more often based on things like Columbine, but you’re right it seems police often do breach the building pretty quickly. When Virginia Tech happened the responding officers went in within five minutes of arrival, so I guess this does look kind of bad.


Breaking News: Xi Jin Ping now declared “Leader for Life” of China!

It’s like Julius Caesar! In Mandarin! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a terrible idea. The longer a man remains in power, the more liable he is to fuck it all to hell. This could easily devolve into a dictatorship.


Sure you would have asshole


I know as a Brit, I shouldn’t really be judgemental on US politics, but I just don’t understand how Trump can say something like and manage to get away with it. I keep trying to imagine Theresa May (a PM for a party I don’t like) saying the same thing, and I would imagine her getting crucified for such a comment by some circles.


You know what? He’s dumb enough that I actually think he would.


Well he gets crucified by the public each time. But those who can harm him do nothing. Either because saying stupid things do not worry them or actually there is noone who can give him a shot across the bow.


Sure, some of the public. I suppose what I mean is I’m amazed his approval rating isn’t abysmal. I get that there are alot of Americans who will never vote Democrat unless the Republicans had Satan be their leader, but I guess I find it interesting that it doesn’t seem like a massive majority of people are against Trump, like Republicans who still support the party but not the leader.


It is pretty garbage tbh