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I suppose so. I mean, I think what I’m reminded of was when the BBC did a special of Jeremy Paxman visiting the USA during the election period, and he brought up the time during a debate where Trump said he didn’t pay his taxes because he smart. Paxman commenting how that if nearly any other person said that, their political career would of ended right there.

I guess that’s what I mean. I find it fascinating that for the many stupid things he has said, nothing has killed his presidency, that there is a decent chance of him being reelected at the current moment, rather than being the next Herbert Hoover where he has no chance, or that the Republican party havn’t tried to get rid of him yet (although it seems like there are rumblings behind the scenes.)

Again, sorry, I am a liberal Scot who doesn’t keep up with USA politics that much. I guess I just feel worried when, at the end of the day, the USA is a world power that affects the entire world, and with Brexit in the UK, our own politicans seem to want to have the USA be our closest ally.


Trump won the 2016 election by telling Rust Belt states and factory workers what they wanted to hear and fed on discontent. He lit the fire of people desiring an out-of-left-field shake up.

Hillary just looked like “more of the same”, and I’m not sure she was as charismatic as Barrack Obama was.


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Story of miracle save performed by Florida First Responders to Parkland shooting:


How are my fellow UK friends dealing with this then? completed over egged in my area (East Midlands) not bad at all, heard its worse up north though


Tolerating it fine here in the south west. It got to about -5 yesterday but it felt closer to -15 with the wind chill. I’m mostly concerned about the homeless people in my city. There’s been a growing amount of rough sleepers around lately, and nobody should be freezing to death in one of the wealthiest nations on earth. We’re due a snowstorm tomorrow too.


Think its around -3 here now snow on and off all day, I fly to Spain tomorrow, fingers crossed the airports okay.
Terrible to be on the streets anytime of year but this time of year is just ruthless.


I’m near Edinburgh, so about -4C here with less than an inch of snow, but I’m right next to the sea, not sure how bad it is more towards the land.


Even here in South Italy there is a terrible cold. Yesterday it snowed, but only for a couple of hours. I couldn’t open my car for the ice


Relive greatest hits from Jon “Bones” Jones incredibly surreal, bizarre, and hilarious PED hearing:

I believe we have seen the end of Jon Jones. Also incredible that Doctor Scott, doing work for the former 205 lbs champion, could not even make a guess as to a viable weight for his client.


Now if we could all make a conscious effort not ignore guidelines or try to be funny when it’s not appropriate, that’d be great.



Dude can’t even walk down stairs unaided, doubt he’d run into danger


Some parents are still scared of apparent bad influence of comic books, even Donald Duck was a bad influence in some peoples minds at one time. Video games are just the new scapegoat for violence, and other things, even though that you almost never hear of bad parents, or that they where psychologically, and mentally sick. I think the main problem like many others, is how easy it is to buy guns, semi automatic weapons and automatic weapons. You don’t even need a background check in some states of what i’ve heard.


Well, in a bunch of the old comics Donald and Scrooge beat the ever living shit out of each other, and the nephews go to grandma’s house so they don’t have to deal with it. And Donald was really, really freaking angry and threatened his nephews with violence more often than not.

they were pretty awesome though and I wouldn’t even be surprised if the complainers hadn’t read those same comics


Today is election day in Italy. I’m just going to do my duty


Don’t say what i’m saying as a fact, but i’ve heard that Italian fascist parties are at their highest point of popularity in recent years. Mainly duo to the many illegal/legal imigrants of North Africa, and the Middle East


Hey having A Asylum is human right. Italians I hope you Guys dont Fuck up. Vote for the Socialism!


When politics doesn’t represent anymore people, citizens starts to vote for populists and fascists. Far right is stronger then in the past because it gives answers people want. Not so strong to go to the power. I voted for a socialist party, but I doubt left will win. I think winner will be Berlusconi’s coalitions, but with a few votes more then Others. Or 5star movement could win. I hope not, because it’s a populist movement with unclear ideas about a lot of arguments.

Yes, it’s true, but coastal countries need help from Europe. It often is missed. For example when other countries close boarders. The comic thing is that our fascists went to congratulate with those governments who, closing boarders, let us alone. Ridiculous!


I personally right now hate all kind of imigration from Africa/poor countries/The Middle East, mainly because it does not fix the problem for these countries, just makes it worse and criminality will make those countries that gets alot of imigrants worse to live in. Duo to goverments having to pay for these “poor” people that needs our help, I respect imigrents who move back to the country they came from more then those who stay, and are a weight to that society’s people and safety.