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I think that we can’t hate them. They are doing the same things we did. We italians emigrated a lot in the past and still keep to do it. In all the world there are italian people. We were forced by poorty. Nobody wants to leave his country, his family, but often it’s the only thing to do. And, as all people know, not all italian migrants were good people looking for a honest life.
But it’s also true that if we all are in Europe, Italy must have help to give immigrants hospitality. Some immigrants become criminals because we aren’t able to help them. And so, for poorty, they are hired from criminal gangs, italian and foreigner. Unluckily some countries want only advantages of Europe and not duties


Haughty Europeans who live in nations that exacerbate the refugee crisis and then moan about the fact civilians are fleeing violence are the worst kind of Europeans.


I can see that side of the coin, i’m a teenager arguing with someone with much more life experience and has and likely argued with many different points of views.


I don’t know how anyone can look at these desperate people and feel hate for them.


What about people who become terrorist, or the fact that a larger percentage of them make violent crimes compared to people born in that country, people lying about their age to become legal experience faster, people who run to a country after commiting a violent crime so they don’t get punishment duo to them being in “danger” after hurting/killing other people


Citation needed. Can you prove that?

So once someone becomes a certain age, they’re off your love list?

Are you implying this is all migrants?

Most of what you are saying is just right wing talking points that are hypothetical or not factually or statistically accurate.


Like Quinn said all of these claims are exaggerated a great deal and is a perverted twisted version of the truth and way to alienate the people fleeing from inhumane situations. There is simply no evidence that suggest that the majority are what you claim them to be, it’s a very little percentage.

(wasn’t mean as a reply to Tore, but a reply to the thread)


good luck! I wonder who would win


You think it’s a high percentage because bad news arrive to people more then good news and because we have prejudices for what we don’t know. All of us. Me too. We are animals and every animal is afraid by what it doesn’t know. But we have also ability to think, and not to stop at our istincts and prejudices.
Unluckily there are a lot of political movements using our fears for their goals. But they lie. An we say in italian language, they speak to the stomach of the people, they say what we want to hear, even if it’s false. But this isn’t politics. It’s populism.


Don’t offend him. I only advise him to read something more about this. Read things of differents ideas. It’s the only way to create an our opinion. Otherwise we will have someone else’s opinion.
I have read also Hitler’s Mein Kemptf who says terrible things about not white people.


People should read The Communist Manifesto written By Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels


Hey Tore, please try to do better than posting memes and saying “kys”. This is a discussion thread after all.


Uhh… Where do you guys pull these completely nonsense statistics from? Most refugees commit violent crime, 90% of media is left wing, etc.

In the UK most major newspapers are owned by 5 Conservative billionaires. So that assertion is just plain false.


Not sure if someone cares, but in germany the parties who governed germany the last period finally found out they will do so this time too. 5 months after the polls. Ugh.


There was also the time when Walt Disney himself waged a war at boardrooms within the Walt Disney Company to try and eradicate Goofy from its roster because of concerns the character promoted idiocy among audiences.

Few people mention that.


We live in interesting times.


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