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If you dont know why, why do you assume it was “strong and meaningless censorship”? Maybe it was just the software stopping you from posting because the thread was locked for other posts you have nothing to do with.

People are always assuming the worst. :frowning:


We are a bit off topic here, don’t worry about it, sometimes @Jarbinger removes more than necessary, it has happend to me as well, it happens if you have posted on topic between all the mess and sometimes our posts is just unintentionally removed.


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I honestly don’t really know if it is true, i’m a pretty naive person so I believe pretty much anything I read (yes I know that I did not answer the question, but I did read a article after reading this comment, and found out that it is mostly the African emigrants (yes it might be biased, but I did read a articel

Why do you think I hate emigrants after a specific age, I pretty much hate almost all children at age 0-10, and others do I not give much care for

No i’m not implying it is all emigrants (Sorry if you got that feeling, and I just can’t read that in my post), but we have had alot of emigrant gang violence in 2017 (sorry that it is in danish so you can’t read most of it, but at the bottum of the article can you see a map of places where people have been shot by rival gangs in Copenhagen) (now that I think about this, this may not count as emigrant violence)


A sad incident.


We aren’t the bad guiz Antifa are the bad guiz


May I ask who that is? i’ve never heard of her


It’s an NRA spokesperson.


So a member of National Rifle Association?




Basically a propagandist for a terror group.


Sometimes Jarbinger also removes posts because they are quoting an inflammatory post, don’t make sense outside of the context of other posts that are getting removed or they are simply part of a conversation that is essentially a derail.

Jarbinger does not flag these posts though and they are stored in hidden forum in case there is some dispute or it turns out someone really wanted/needed something from them. Jarbinger will now stop referring to himself in third person.


Potentially another FSB poisoning in the UK. It’s almost impressive, the brazen attitude that Russia has to doing as they please around the world.

I’m assuming May won’t do anything though as it could prevent future trade deals post Brexit :sweat_smile:


An FSB poisoning in fucking Salisbury of all places. That’s surreal.


FSB/KGB are known masters of the use of Poisons:

P.S.: Is it too morbid to request for a non-suspicious Poison Umbrella unlockable? Would it be overpowered?


Eh why not. It also would not OP if it is so large it needs a large pickup.


It would be a bit cool if some gear in HITMAN was based on real assassination gear and the Detailed Information in the Item Collection menu included flavor text/trivia about real assassinations that used the item.

The first game’s training level contained way too much functional information about all the weapons which helped sell to me the game’s universe.

That said, I do think video game ratings bodies might start worrying if HITMAN featured real names of poisons, explosives, real life methods to execute real two-part poisons, etc.


Solidarity forever


This was all over the news yesterday. This guy Sam Nunberg who use to work for the Trump Campaign was all over the American media yesterday because he publicly declared that he will defy Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and not show up for the subpoena he was given.

I leave you to do your own research on this topic because it involves the Russian investigation and that’s more complex than I care to get into for a single post…however I wanted to post this video of the moment Sam Nunberg realized he was fucking up.

A former prosecutor by the name of Maya Wiley is in the video and she had been explaining to him in a nice even tone that he is a fucking fool who is facing over a year in jail.

“I’m not going to jail…(wait) you (really) think I’m going to jail?”


Life comes at you fast


In Italy the first black man has been elected in the Parliament, but in a xenophobic party who daily insults foreigners, african people :fearful: I don’t understand. World is strange