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I have known Muslims that didn’t like other Muslims and voted for parties that’s wants to limit immigration.


Soap, the one thing you don’t want on the floor in the shower


Finally some good news!


Alright. Now we just need Contracts and all is well.


Hey @Quinn there is a Noreastern storm here on the U.S. East Coast. They have been naming the storms recently and this one starting tonight is named after you? Winter Storm Quinn

Caption on the Weather Channel “Quinn’s Wind” Now I am reminded of you until it’s over. Not sure who to thank for that? Lol


Incidentally, that’s also what I call my farts.


“Hope springs eternal”

North Korea signals it may be ready to talk about Denuclearization in “serious stage” of talks.



It’s on!

North Korea also pledged to refrain from any more missile tests and expressed “understanding” that the US and South Korea have to complete their military exercise.

Either North Korea’s famine is so bad that Kim sees the need for a national (and personal) out… or I don’t know… a change of heart?

What next? Kim sponsors a screening of “The Interview”?


Guess which will be the next state of the USA.


That’s interesting. I recall some recently declassified documents from World War 2… and I think there was some from the Russian faction, a memo that read something along the lines of denying Japan’s request for Russian intercession of a peace process following the failed Midway attack and the fear that the Americans were about to rollback all the gains Japan had made.

The memo mentions also something like: “America has built the bomb. So they will now dictate the terms for how the war will end in Japan or elsewhere. This is providence. Many nations tried to build the bomb, but God has ensured that the nation the world can trust with this terrible power is the one that has managed to build it successfully.” (loosely paraphrased)

I just remember thinking how weird it was reading a memo out of Soviet Russia that acknowledged “the good guys won in the end” and that the “good guys” were America.

I guess at the end of the day, even North Korea (and China) have to give it up for the “good guys” in America.


The allies. The allies won, which included the Soviet Union.


Ah right… sorry I meant more that they were acknowledging that the right people built the bomb. “The good guys won the race to the bomb.” To an extent that much was true. Declassified records revealed atomic weapons programmes with various factions…and it is clear that at that time in history… there are some groups who “wouldn’t have stopped at two” and wouldn’t have issued the written warnings and calls for surrender prior to usage.


I dunno, maybe I am idealistic but I have trouble envisioning “good guys” that would not only develop nuclear weapons, but also be the only ones to have actually used them to date. The USA is still the only country to do that and I think the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima was an evil act whichever way you want to look at it.

I don’t really believe in American exceptionalism.


True, but think of the “other guys”… imagine if THEY got the bomb first.
It is true no one on earth is an angel… but the what if scenarios surrounding that race to the bomb are filled with world-changing implications.

This was also the reason for the Manhattan Project in the first place. There were white papers already out in public about the splitting of the atom and everybody in the highest levels of power knew what was possible. In that situation, you have little choice but to race towards the deterrent.

When you think of all the other possibilities, then it becomes apparent that we could count ourselves fortunate.

And to put this back on topic… maybe Kim Jong Un considers himself… “fortunate”.
I say that without knowing what he’s dealing with. Because his recent activity is very strange.


It wasn’t even nuclear, it was a fucking atomic bomb. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is, in my personal opinion, a war crime, considering they were definitely prepared to bomb more cities if Japan did not surrender.


Additional reading:

How many of us would have done this differently? It’s easy to say now we wouldn’t do this. But if you put yourself in that time, with what was at stake.

It is what it is.

During Obama’s visit to Hiroshima, Shinzo Abe said: “An apology is not expected, and none will be requested.”

This event is consigned to history.


No. That is not a fucking excuse to massacre civilians of another country because you’re at war with them!


If we say that human rights are unversally valid, this includes the time of war too. No discussion.


Well… what would you have done, Mr. President?

Would you have gone with the land invasion? Would you have tried a call to surrender? Truman did. He tried it twice.

Would you have tried dropping the bomb in an empty area to show it off? And then what? You hope they surrender. You hope for this after learning you lost 250,000 men trying to take one island from the enemy and learning many of the enemy forces resorted to blowing themselves up with grenades rather than surrender.

How about economic sanctions? Yes. Economic sanctions might have worked. It has also been cited that Economic sanctions led to the Pacific War in the first place.

Btw, you also have a situation where certain “difficult allies” wanted to make moves of their own the longer the war lasted, since they felt there would be little opposition to their movements - movements that could only be halted if you could end the war within a few days.

Everyday, you stake the future on the present.

Sometimes to wield terrific power means you have to make terrible decisions.
There are no excuses for what happened. There are only explanations.