General News Thread 2.0


As I’ve been explaining…you don’t kill fucking civilians!


Yeah… nobody wants to.

I consider it a blessing none of us here have to make that kind of decision.


An atomic bomb is a type of nuclear weapon.


This is an unlisted video posted on the official White House YouTube channel.

Da fuq is this shit about?


It’s probably been put out so the administration can deflect substantive discussion on gun control by using the “…it’s all Fallout 4’s fault!” red herring.

Identical to what the NRA has done in the past.

It’s either that or Trump accidentally leaked clips from his Twitch stream.


It’s a well known fact that he’s a hardcore PC gamer.


“Listen, here’s the plan.
When POTUS gets here, we’re gonna bootup Fortnite and he’s gonna win. Got it? This is serious, gentlemen. Now, is anyone gonna eat that last donut?”

Overheard at the Gaming Summit 2018 :wink:


Well now we know what the “G” in G7 means.


This is just fucking… Ugh. The screams of her children will haunt me for days.


I totally feel for her children, but correct me if I’m wrong; not only was she in the US illegally, but she’s also a suspect in a smuggling ring?

I don’t want to come off as heartless because I really do feel for her children, but if those allegations against her turn out to be correct, didn’t she basically bring this on herself?

I do however think they shouldn’t have ripped her away from her kids. If anything they should have just let them go with her until it all got straightened out…


Which is what this is all about.


True. But she shouldn’t have put her kids in that kind of situation to begin with.


Why are you presuming her guilt?


I’m not, I said if the allegations against her are true. Then yes, she shouldn’t have put her children into that predicament.


No, you were assuming she did. See,

And it’s not like ICE frame people or anything.



I already said it once I didn’t think I had to say it again but perhaps I should have.

And tbh I’m not too familiar with “ICE” but in my eyes she’s innocent until proven guilty


lol bye

He wept at the hearing, where his own lawyer said he sometimes wants to punch him in the face.


Yeah well, when memes are getting old you better lock them away. Better that way.


Didn’t he write a letter saying prison had “some advantages”? Let’s see if we can figure out those advantages guys. OH, I KNOW: he can get laid whenever he (or his boyfriend) wants!


Death row inmate sues after 2 hour failed execution.

A unique condition caused by his Lymphomatic Cancer rendered the inmate’s nerves “compromised” and after more than 2 hours and 11 failed insertion attempts, the death sentence was called off and the session was closed.

Executioners attempted insertions in numerous areas including the face, legs, arms, and groin, but all attempts at poisoning resulted in failure.

The inmate’s lawyers will cite Double Jeopardy, a legal condition that does not allow a person to be tried and punished for the same crime twice if the case already ended in acquittal or conviction, as well as charges of Unusual Cruelty and Torture.

The counsel also plan to bring up that, due to the inmate’s condition, it was already suggested that he take the poison orally, but this was denied. Now that Double Jeopardy may be in play, they will never know if this method might have worked.

Sources add that, while there is no new information, it is believed the Cancer will eventually claim the convicted killer’s life anyway.