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Something tells me you care more about who the perpetrators are than you do for the welfare of the victims.


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Normally I would disapprove of such a thing (police used same nebulous criteria to detain journalists during the Snowden revelations) but Lauren Southern has, in no uncertain terms, tried to kill refugees. She’s been taped shooting flare guns at refugee boats and using her own commandeered ship to physically block them. Fuck that noise.


How can you assure that? Have you been there? Or are you just assuming they were because you believe it? Maybe because of inductive reasoning?


Then she got what was coming to her. There is a limit. Fuck her.
I mean,I can even understand not wanting them in,on a certain level. Not really like or appreciate,because they are humans in need of help and you are denying them that,but I can understand. But a flare gun?What the hell,if that hit that would cause some really bad damage.


They also detained Martin Sellner and banned that cunt too. The same Martin Sellner who deployed a boat to stop refugee ships from arriving in Europe. The same Martin Sellner whose ship was smuggling people. The same hypocritical cunt who had to ask for help from a company that brings refugees into Europe to repair his ship. All in all, he’s a cunt and he’d pollute the air if he was let in.


Another one…


Punching Nazis works


As does taking away their toys


Surprised it took this long.


Violence most of the times works. Just look into the history books.


How do these snakes get almost 10,000 likes?


People who are fanatics, and won’t even see any other opinion then their own with any respect.


Why Silent Assassin rating is so important:

Assassin: “It is done! I got them both!”

Controller: “Yeah… you got them both… in the hospital! Now it’s all over the news. You were supposed to do this quietly! Look at the Russian leadership trying to deflect blame… This mess because your deed was discovered! It won’t be long before they see you in CCTV footage. You clumsy oaf. You will lead them back to us. And what luck! We were supposed to send you to New York next, but I guess we won’t be able to do that anymore.”

Assassin: “There is still time! I can go back there! I can finish the job!”

Controller: “That will be someone else’s job now. Yours is finished.”

Controller shoots the Assassin.



Assassin: “There is still time! I can go back there! I can finish the job!”

Assassin goes back, throws fire extingusher on random hard drives

Newsman: "More and more information are pointing towards an incredible skilled aggressor who was able to break in again and deleted all evidence which was collected until now in this case!


Yesterday students from across America stage a walk out in support of gun reform.

This was a highly controversial thing with many schools, teachers, parents, and student voicing their opinions about the helpfulness or pointlessness of such action. One student in particular named Morgan Roof took to social media to express herself.

Morgan Roof is the younger sister of Dylan Roof who you may remember as the shooter who killed 9 church members of a historically black church after praying with them for more than an hour.

Morgan Roof posted this the day of the national student walk out.

After this post was brought to the attention of the school, she was arrested by the school resource officer who found marijuana, pepper spray and a knife on her.

The Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster had this to say:

“potential tragedy was avoided” Wednesday thanks to the students and educators who reported “suspicious activity” to a school resource officer.
“We owe a debt of gratitude to all involved who acted so quickly and decisively,” McMaster said in a statement.
“For months, I have called on the General Assembly to join me in placing a trained, certified police officer in every school, in every county, all day, every day,” the governor added.

I have noticed that people are defending Miss Roof by saying of course she has weapons she is scared and has to defend herself from black people who are out to do her harm because of what her brother did. I reject this logic. If anyone should be scared it should be the people that attend the church that her brother shot up and other blacks who go to church. Since that shooting I have not gone to church without the fear that a white man will come in a shoot it up. That’s just my fear now.

Further even if Miss Roof feared for her life because of the actions of her brother-maybe not have a social media account so that it is easier for me to see what you look like, what you are wearing any given day and where you go and what you are doing? And of course why does Miss Roof need to bring weapons to school for her defense. Sure carry weapons as you walk around but at school-that’s where the “defenseless small white woman” excuse falls flat. She shows her immaturity to have a knife and pepper spray on her at school along with Marijuana. You need weapons on you at all times to defend yourself but you wanna walk around with pot on you to get high? If she was serious about her defense she wouldn’t mix the two.

And I must ask where is her father, where is her mother? How is it that 2 of their 3 kids are white supremacists? If my child killed 9 white people in a historically white church the siblings who live under my roof wouldn’t have a social media account and they for sure wouldn’t be giving their thoughts on race. And under no circumstances would I allow them to have weapons on them at school of all places. It is apparent that the parents “lost” one of their children to hate-so why would you not keep the remaining child under lock and key so to speak. No you didn’t do anything wrong your brother did but as the parent I am going to make damn sure you don’t do anything wrong.

Speaking of race I found this picture on CNN frustrating.

I found the "cutsey duck face’ photo the media picked to be offensive. I don’t think that the media in my country takes white criminals especially those that commit crime against blacks seriously. That’s not the picture used for someone accused of bringing weapons (and drugs) to school that’s the picture of someone who is the victim of some crime. I think they should have used the mug shot but instead they use the teeny bopper picture to cultivate a sympathetic image of her. You ask what is white privilege . White privilege is being accused of bringing weapons and drugs to school and the media not using your mug shot but instead a kissy face photo. White privilege is publicly stating you hope black people get shot after your older brother did a mass shooting on black people and people still saying you are a victim. White privilege is no one asking about the parents and being let go after paying only $500 dollars. (10 percent of 5,000)


Actually I found the picture somewhat potent. It says: “Don’t be fooled. This cute girl is an armed and dangerous fascist scumbag! Beware of people around you!”


Dylann Roof’s sister arrested for having weapons at school

I’m surprised Trump isn’t giving out awards for that


Dylan Roof’s sister isn’t stormy enough to get anything out of the Donald.


Donald only gets something out of the stormiest,okay? The very best,very stormiest people,I promise you. Great,great,great Stormy People.