General News Thread 2.0


So what’s going to happen after Assad is overthrown? There are probably a dozens of rebel groups who don’t like each other (or the West) with different ideologies and goals. If Assad’s gone they probably continue fighting each other and continue to commit war crimes against the civilian population. Or someone we supported wins and becomes the next Assad… or Osama bin Laden.

I hate to say it but Assad is the devil we know and at least the country was stable under his leadership. It’s like the Iraq. Sadam was overthrown and then things became far worse with ethnic tensions, terrorist bombings and ISIS taking over large parts of the country. In a perfect world Syria would become a democratic nation where everybody gets along after Assad is overthrown. But I honestly can’t see it happen.


It also demonstrates that our nations, governments and leaders haven’t been paying attention. The refugee crisis didn’t come out of nowhere. Horrible atrocities have been going on in Syria for over 7 years. Since the civil war started, the Syrian Regime under Assad has been engaged in the worst kind of human rights abuses including torture of dissidents, murder of journalists, massacring of civilians, etc.

For years, we’ve demonized the refugees who flee. We compare them to terrorists, we treat them with suspicion. We compare their lives to cockroaches, and in some cases even blanket ban them from claiming asylum.

Now we are supposed to believe that these latest chemical weapons attacks are the straw that broke the camel’s back? And the solution was to drop more bombs instead of accepting refugees and using diplomacy to try to bring about a peace process?

Honestly, the major western powers (USA, UK, France, etc) have cause to be ashamed over this.


According to the Pentagon, the strikes set back chemical weapons programme several years.

The strikes hit a research facility in Damascus and storage facilities near Homs, so I assume that was the point.


That’s great. Now they have no other choice but to commit their war crimes with regular weapons we don’t care about.:roll_eyes:

Sorry for being so cynical, but that’s how I feel about this whole war.


What other options do they have to stop Assad from using chemical weapons on innocent women and children? Every time the UN tries to intervene Russia just vetoes the investigation. This wasn’t some mindless revenge bombing - it was a targeted strike against three chemical storage and research facilities.

Take a look at the French Intelligence report if you need any reasons to believe Assad’s ability to use these weapons should be limited.


Queen Margrethe d. 2 of Denmark is now 78 years old.
Længe leve Danmarks Dronning


Russian reporter’s deadly fall suspected to be the work of a ‘Silent Assassin’.


Female Gamers start “vigilante group to help victims of sexual harrassment in games”

But the question is…


But how can there be harassment in CS:GO if everyone’s Russian and too drunk to speak English?


Sexual Harrasment, through a glass screen?


Noone, can sexually harras you when you are looking through a digital device to a person that could be thousands of km. away - that is called Cyber-Bullying not rape.

If you are trying to help people - don’t focus on harrasments/Sexual harrasmnt/girls FOCUS ON THE BULLYING THAT IS HAPPENING BITCHES - JOIN DIFFERENT GROUPS!


Speaking on the topic of feminism… I saw some days ago a few old posters calling for a women’s strike as protest for job inequality between men and women to be due on Women’s International Day… it was sponsored by one organization only. The communist party of Spain. Alarming, expected and only wanted to share this due to the current influx of posts.


Group’s already more or less gone. The creator of the group was highly homophobic in several tweets on during livestreams. Their website is down as well. You get this error when going on the Bully Hunters page.

Oh and Bully Hunters was so bad that one of their sponsors is considering legal action against them:


Well this sort of makes the WATCHMEN reference very appropriate then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Utterly false. Sexual harassment = Any form of harassment directed at someone based on their sex. In any context. Yes, that includes over the Internet. So you are plain wrong here.


My girlfriend was playing Overwatch and used the mic. Instantly two guys were making suggestive comments about her, and one guy kept telling her he’d give her his “Snapchat.”


Based only on hearing her voice? They must have really fertile imaginations… :stuck_out_tongue:


Denying that sexual harassment exists on the internet is as ridiculous as denying that racist or homophobic harassment exists on the internet.

I’ve played a lot of games with female friends over the years and the level of unwanted attention and sexist abuse they get targeted at them is frankly staggering. Usually it is the instant they start speaking. Nobody should have to put up with that shit.


Yes, quinn you are right at all of this - but I meant that objectified ‘‘rape’’ kind of sexual harrsment does not happen ofc - but verbal instances are definitely more common.

That being said I still stand buy that other bully organiztions are way better than creating one for the purpose of solely sexual harrasment.


So the “all lives matter” of anti-online harassment organizations?

At the end of the day not all people are the same. Different groups of people have different sets of adverse circumstances that affect them in a very real way, and therefore it is necessary that different advocacy and awareness groups exist - Otherwise nothing will get done.

In my experience people who say stuff like “I’m not a feminist, i’m an egalitarian” or “All lives matter, not just black lives” don’t actually care very much about actually doing anything to help the “all people” they say they care about - They just exist to shout down and silence people.


The real problem is nobody knows how to trash talk anymore it’s all just lazy sexual or racial slurs.