General News Thread 2.0


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Looks like some Military hating Colin Kapernick fans decided to assault a pregnant service member at a restaurant.

Thank God the police came and handcuffed the disrespectful violent American hating degenerates. I mean who honestly attacks service people- Pregnant at that!

But just goes to show you the kinda culture Kapernick fans have toward our brave military.

Anyway footage of the altercation below.


How about we just stand up against bullies by ourselves? I’m sure more than a few of us have had to do it some of the time.


Manhunt underway for one Lois Riess, fled out of Minnesota following the apparent murder of her husband. She killed a second woman in Florida seemingly for her credentials, authorities expect her to continue this behaviour.


Not even that. those clowns are just insanely sel-important and can’t stand the fact they have nothing to do with or contribute to a cause. so they have to create something completely irrelevant in order to make it about themselves. that and basically racists


And what is the exact percentage of these people and how are they a good sample population?


No basis really. Just:

  1. Bullying has always been a common occurrence in schools. I figure many kids a year deal with it.

  2. I also figured the average IQ of HITMAN players would constitute people with a high capacity for out thinking, out smarting, or even out-bullying a bully.

If I’m wrong, then sorry.


Russia starts blocking Amazon/Google addresses indiscriminately in efforts of trying to enact censorship and prevent use of the Telegram app (messaging program with end to end encryption)

Now the blocking of the app in itself is already a authoritarian move , but it’s amusing how hilariously incompetent they are at doing that. They started just blocking hundreds of thousands of Amazon and Google Addresses indiscriminately , which is the most mind-blowing stupid thing you can do. Amazon servers especially are used by a ridiculously high amount of businesses worldwide. Including, yes, a shitload of Russian businesses and banks. A lot of online games can’t be accessed either , as most popular games use Amazon to host .


Also email relays rely on Google and Amazon as well.


I’m starting to wonder if the real Kim Jong Un is bed-ridden and the guy we’re seeing now setting up this massive Peace Party may be a doppelganger who is fixing his country… I can’t be the only one who watched DAVE and wondered if it could happen. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got that reference


Team of assassins who killed a woman in 2012 for $35,000 sentenced to Life in Prison.

In statements given in 2013, the leader of the assassin group, a certain Joseph Hunter, nicknamed “Rambo”, described their contracts as being “similar to military operations”.

The trial of the group was lengthy, and additional reading shows that in their defense, Hunter claims he was employed to take down “powerful men who were deemed to be the heads of rogue nations and evil empires”.

Details of their actions included the use of a wide array of weaponry, and the use of disguises that concealed the identity of all involved.

Evidence included emails detailing business co-conspirators communications before and after action, some of them criticizing the methods used if they risked discovery or endangering innocent lives needlessly.

Now 51 years old, “Rambo” tearfully pled guilty to his crimes saying that he made the mistake of forgetting to put God at the forefront of his actions.

What is interesting here is that Hunter and his troop were apparently sold out by a man named “Paul Le Roux” who served as their controller and employer.

The film rights to this are going to be huge!

no no no… This will be the plot of the next SICARIO movie! Benicio Del Toro’s character faces the truth that drug money killed his family, but that drug money enables his ongoing mission of vengeance.


Addendum to the story above details what happened to the man known as Paul Le Roux:

Amazing to learn the man actually lived and carried out much of his operations in the Philippines!

It’s also mind-blowing… the connection between restricted pharmacies, narcotics, and then to assassins, ex-special forces, software and internet companies. What an incredible operation. It is believed that had he simply stopped in the mid 2000’s he would have never been caught because the net required to even cover his operation had to be so vast, the logic used to connect all the dots too convoluted.



I hope he’s sued into oblivion.


Hahaha, sorry i misread it, it is the radio host and not the killer that will be sued :flushed:.


Oh man, fuck Alex Jones. Fuck him so very much.


Now 51 years old, “Rambo” tearfully pled guilty to his crimes saying that he made the mistake of forgetting to put God at the forefront of his actions.

I wouldn’t expect such a confession from a man who chose the name ‘Rambo’

3 people split $35,000

Seems a bit light. So the controller sold out the group just like in the Sarajevo 6!


Haven’t been on to properly give this the time it deserves so I’ll just say that not all people are affected by the same issues in the same way and thus they react differently. Just because the right thing to do would be to defend yourself, it does not mean that you should neglect assistance to those that are too weak, hurt or unable to defend themselves. That is the whole fucking point of the existance of laws: to protect those who otherwise couldn’t. Wether or not they work is another matter. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be there. Same for anti-harassment organizations.


Yes that is correct. It is impossible to safeguard Proper Freedom in a lawless vacuum. However, we do also need a capacity to tackle problems at a certain level.

I feel like if one has problems of abusive language in a video game chat window… those kinds of problems can be dealt with personally up to a certain point.

With emphasis on “up to a certain point”. This was in reaction to examples like game chat wolf whistling or something of that nature.

Also… those who would want to help and protect others should first be able to help and protect themselves. A lamb does not become a lion just because you made it look like one.


The fees depended on the target. The mission to eliminate a DEA agent carried a price of $800,000.