General News Thread 2.0


The latest on North Korea - South Korea peace process is that Kim Jong Un now says he would be perfectly fine with American military presence remaining in South Korea… even as he discusses possible dismantling of his nuclear weapons.

What’s going on? I wonder if my theory about a desperate health and economic crisis in the DPRK is true…
Second to this theory btw is my belief that DPRK actually can no longer develop nuclear weapons and has simply run out of time (health crisis) and resources (economic crisis) to make it happen. I figure only the spectre of a possible national collapse is what is bringing Kim to the table willing to make all these concessions.


I say that he is in the last stages of finishing the program and that this is all an elaborate ruse on the part of the North Koreans to stand up for themsevles and thumb their nose at American imperialism.

While everyone talks about where to meet and what conditions the North Koreans are agreeable to everything because all they have to do is get the meeting set up finish the program for a test launch and kindly tell Donald Trump at the meeting that you are now a nuclear state and present a demonstration.

Now all the previous concessions mean nothing and you have the American President held hostage to negotiate on your terms. He can’t be seen to be fleaing a nuclear armed North Korea and the US wont launch a nuke strike with Trump overseas.

Trump is the perfect weak link a nation like North Korea has been waiting to exploit.


As Japan learned in 1941, you end up on borrowed time if you attempt a “big play” like that which upsets the wallets of too many big countries.

It’s a point of no return. If you put yourself in Kim’s shoes you want to profit and prosper, and not end up in a hostage situation where you know the only outcome is that you end up on the brink.

Let’s say it happens. And then Trump calls your bluff and says: “No.”
What will you do then? Fire the missiles?

How many such weapons do you think DPRK realistically have? There may be more countermeasures than they have nuclear missiles.

To what end would such drastic action lead?


I think the miltary alliance with china will ensure America doesn’t punch first.

I suspect that is why Kim visted North Korea recently and Xi is expected to go to North Korea soon in advance of Trump. I suspect the two countries are making sure they are on the same page in preparation for a big reveal.

I agree North Korea wants to live that’s why it has to confront the American Imperialist Regime for breathing room.

like this:

"I have the nukes now lift the sanctions and lets keep me from using them with a healthy aid package. "

Trump says no?
What’s he gonna do bomb North Korea and risk ww3? What’s he gonna do sit and work this disaster out in a way that makes him look good

I think the North Koreans are in a limited options situation what with the death ships and soilders defecting. I imagine it’s zero sum game at this point he dies either way-we just go with him.


No mather what happends in the meeting, this will be interesting to hear the outcome no matter what.


But still, I don’t buy this theory of yours…over a decade of no negotiations between these two countries, and all of a sudden, boom, peace talks are underway? Kim’s running low on resources. He’s getting scared and backed into a corner…but, then again, it could be Donald who’s scared. We won’t know the answer until they meet, though.


Trump’s threat is the same one he’s always made: “If we’re not happy, we’ll walk away.” The only question is if SoKor follows.

The checklist of what keeps all parties on the table (including China) includes denuclearization. SoKor had been silent on it earlier but it’s now on the table.

China… if you believe some of analysis… has at separate times attempted to unseat Kim from power and would like nothing more than for NoKor to become a quiet and docile foam layer to insulate it from US ally SoKor.

Kim’s main card traditionally has been “We don’t want to talk.” But he’s not playing that card anymore.


You know what would be a big surprise? The talks advance to a full Reunification. A nuclear powered One Korea.



North Korea dismantles Nuclear Test Site saying it “no longer needs to conduct further tests”.
The thing is… I’m not sure they actually ever completed a weapons program.

Critically, the KCNA never states that North Korea actually has an arsenal of these weapons and Kim is only quoted as saying that having reached a state of proving a “complete nuclear weapon”… that it is “mission accomplished”.

A Major Nuclear Testing Site was also dismantled.

I’m now suspicious of the idea that the entire Nuclear Weapons program was an expensive potemkin village. That it’s like a Pearl Harbor or a Midway Invasion - a major push that the main actor actually cannot pull off again. I mean, Kim would come to the table also if he realized that it was now impossible for him to make any weapons…So he pools remaining resources… .buys some nuclear weapons items from the Ukraine… never actually unboxes them…allows photos of the stuff to leak out to scare the Americans… then puts all remaining money into some oversized rocket… launches it over the largest distance possible.

And now claim “mission accomplished”.

As if to brush all this aside, the KCNA report then immediately segues to a “new chapter” where the Great Leader Kim will now focus on the country and the people (adding more fuel to my belief that this is also about the growing health and economic issues within the country).

I also feel this kind of puts a damper on @Speaker 's Theory of Mutually Assured Destruction. The major powers continued to test atomic weapon payloads long after they had already begun building an arsenal, and even if you believe North Korea’s test program was “successful”, it is obviously a different story to layout the cash to build an arsenal of these weapons.

Mutually Assured Destruction also does not happen if one of the belligerents only has one working nuclear weapon.

It is even more improbable now that there is no testing site to further the program.


What has happened to us as a population? Why do we lack so much empathy for our fellow humans? Our government has pandered to racist, far right scaremongering from the likes of UKIP so they can remain in power and now people who have lived here for decades (and in many cases even their entire lives) are now being threatened with deportation to places they have no real connection with anymore.

I’m honestly in total disbelief at how callous our Government is.


Explain a little. I’m sure UK has Lex Soli. Was he born before it was implemented tho?

PSA: I’m legitimately curious, don’t try to start an anchor babies debate here.


Just my humble theory, the lack of religion and war plus wealth, freedom and antiauthoritarian parenting generate a void of values and brings up the bad sides of individualism: egoism.

I guess the gov is still full of people of the old times, but they get away with alot more than in the past.


This man angers me.


So a guy shot up a waffle house in Nashville, killing 4 people and wounding several others.

Apparently what makes this “unusual” instead of just another run of the mill mass shooting is the fact the shooter was completely naked.

A guy shooting up a public place indiscriminately with an AR15? Just another day at the office. Going on a rampage whilst nude? Weird, unusual. Apparently.


My favorite part of the story is when the cops took the shooters guns away and then gave them to the father who then gave it back to his son.

> In 2017, Reinking showed up at the White House–not the Waffle House and not White Castle but the actual presidential mansion–and asked to see the president*. The Secret Service found this not a little hinky. From CNN: In July 2017, Travis Reinking told a uniform Secret Service officer that he must get into the White House to speak with the President, according to an arrest report. The officer explained that he must get a tour to do that and told Reinking to move away from the pedestrian entrance, but the report states Reinking told the officer again that he had to speak with the President and that he was a “sovereign citizen” who had a right to inspect the grounds. After telling Reinking to move again, the report states that Reinking took his tie off, balled it into his fist, began approaching the officer and walked past the security barriers. “Do what you need to do. Arrest me if you have to,” Reinking said, according to the report.

What’s that he wanted an audience with Trump?

I wonder why he thought they might get along…must be part of this mental illness epidemic I keep hearing about

Oh he’s still on the loose?
Well I’m sure he will be captured alive and without incident.


This is my favourite part of the story.

Shaw Jr., even after being called a hero, didn’t want to take credit for saving those that were at the Waffle House.

When asked to describe himself by reporters at a 2 p.m. news conference, Shaw Jr. said he’s a pretty cool guy. He also said that the only combat training he has is wrestling his daughter to bed.

“I choose to react because I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to live. I didn’t really fight that man to save everyone else. That might not be a popular thing to say,” Shaw Jr. said.


Well look at that-they captured him alive.

He was armed and they captured him alive-wow that’s really something. I am sure they showed supreme self restraint to not shoot him from that car window.


Just hope his daddy doesn’t gets him out of jail from this. It was already enough when he gave him back his guns. In fact, why not to charge his old man aswell? Giving back guns to his clearly degenerate son.


Well looks like they are planning to charge his pops as well


How it has to be. If it weren’t because he gave him the gun back, this mess could have being prevented.