General News Thread 2.0


This whole thing could have been avoided if they had of treated him like the fucking criminal he is.

How many times was this dude arrested and had his guns taken away? He had led the police on a high speed rush hour chase only a few weeks ago. They found the car at his apartment using GPS

How come they didn’t shoot his ass then. I know why. You know why.


Because of that naked white ass! :stuck_out_tongue:



1 year later and some people are still being cunts



They caught the East Area Rapist press conference live streaming now.


Chinese security analysts brace for the ultimate plot-twist: “North Korea becoming a US Ally in exchange for help and allowance to complete its Nuclear Weapons program”

A deal that allows North Korea to turn about face, from enemy to ally of the West, getting investments, and laissez-faire in its military and weapons affairs (which would now work in the interests of an American Alliance) would indeed be a shocking stunning result.


So the Toronto van attacker was an Elliott Rodger loving Incel.


Another organisation of cowardly cunts.


A couple of days before, happened one of the most peculiar and a particularly outrageous case of kidnapping and murder here in the circus of horrors that Mexico can be.

3 Cinema students were kidnapped, dismembered and disolved in acid. The deal is, they didn’t do a thing to to fall in this situation on purpose. Just the wrong place at the worst time, because like many others, they were, apparently, confused with members of a rival cartel. It gets even more twisted because apparently the house where they were doing their film (wich was borrowed by the aunt of one of the boys), also doubled as safety house for cartel members. The aunt herself is being investigated for drugs and human trafficking and to add a final layer of weirdness and confussion:

This Youtube rapper confesed to being the responsible of dismembering and disolving their bodies. He gave information that lead the way to 46 barrels that had both traces of sulfuric acid and biological components that were later confirmed remains of 2 of the boys.


People who do these things are just despicable human beings.


Yeah…Men can’t catch a break… Makes militant feminism look mild by comparison.

I don’t understand their problems though… You can buy sex if you’re so desperate, and you can at least download/watch/simulate the experience if you’re so inclined. (Note: That goes for people of all sexual orientations btw)

There’s also coaches who specialize in dating/seduction activity that works regardless of looks.
One particularly successful guy I know was perfectly capable of winning girls young enough to be his granddaughter and he wasn’t even terribly rich.

His funeral was like a female modeling convention. One where all the girls grieved - alongside his aging wife.

These guys need help but they are seeking the wrong kind.


Yeah but a lot of those PUA people are complete scum too, like Roosh V or Julien Blanc.

In fact Elliot Rodger was a member of a “PUA hate” community because he felt it didn’t work.


Truth be told PUA-ing can definitely be a scummy way of life too. And it’s true not everything they write in their books works. Or rather… to me… not everything they write/teach feels like it is worth doing.

I definitely do not like how PUA’s usually try to cordon off the experience… The whole “Be with her for the fun you can bring and just avoid getting involved in solving her actual problems, and cut her off when she tries to bring these up.”

That said my point about downloadable simulation still holds true… Incels or Incel-ables have many outlets for what they need.

And the whole point of the escorts/prostitution/lap dances industry… is not just sex… These places and professionals, when they cater to men, are not just selling sex. They sell, as one owner of such establishment shared with me, they sell the fantasy that the customer is a “Chad”.

Which is what these guys want/need. That industry is made for them.


Basically, PUAs and Incels have a common overlap - Extreme misogyny that manifests in aggression and violence towards women. Both communities resent the fact that women have agency of their own and can make choices on their own without the input of men, so they resort to psychological and physical violence. They’d rather women existed purely as meat for their own gratification.

Fuck the lot of them and their shitty cottage industries.


I just looked up PUA’s…I wish I wouldn’t!

It’s Full of misogynistic yanky-danky doodle shite if you are wondering. What has happened to this world? It’s like we all need to hate eachother based on gender, race, age, religion - and completely forget we are all humans!


Not all of us are humans.:smirk:



Kanye West has come out in support of Donald Trump.
The Alt right is celebrating Kanye West