General News Thread 2.0


Looking forward to the protest.


Damn I wish I was there to throw a bottle of piss at him.


Nah, he’d probably enjoy that. In fact he definitely would


Friday the 13th hmmm…Let’s hope something interesting happens to him MUAHAHAHAHA


Maybe he’ll go on stage and go “It was all just a prank”. And then a car would promptly fucking explode and a riot would start.


Actually, Ik why it is friday the 13th…Because he is coming to UK. That is some true scary shite right there man.


Well… a PUA is right about women about once out of twenty times.

I think it works out in pairs. You know… the girls that go for these guys usually have their own issues or problems and not all of them are really victims.

Sometimes boys and girls just use each other.


Bill Cosby found guilty of all charges.


KIM JONG UN: “A New History begins now.”

Supposedly when they met and shook hands across the border (Kim on the North and Moon in the South) Moon called on Kim to “Please stand on this side.” So both men ended up in South Korea, as they were about to continue walking to the meeting place, Moon quips: “Now that you have come here, when will I go to the North Side?” Kim’s response was: “Well I think now is a good time.” and they then walked back and stepped over the border, to laughter from the gathered dignitaries.

Then they stepped back over the border to the South and proceeded.

It almost looks like it’s ripped straight out of the pages of some feel-good movie story.

Now the word is the terms for Denuclearization are “Clear, Complete, and Verifiable Dismantling” of Nuclear Weapons. If my theory is correct, they will not only find the weapons completely dismantled, they will find all the components still in their original packaging! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m legitimately happy that this is happening.


Just as a note, why North Korea might have stopped it’s nuclear program:

If my atomic bomb tipped over and broke like a 10,000+ pieces statue of lego, I would give up in frustration too.


Yeah, I don’t think anyone would believe Kim Jong Un is doing this entirely out of the goodness of his heart. I am sure it is selfishly motivated - But at the end of the day it is finally happening and a bitterly divided country is actually prepared to commit to denuclearisation.


Watching videos of the meet up Kim did look a bit relieved… and his body language looked eager.

Like I been saying the punchline is either:

  1. The country is already secretly in meltdown and bankrupt.

  2. For some reason he actually cannot complete nuclear weapons (or is now too poor to continue).

But he at least looks ready to play the peace card.

Kim seems to me a real student of history. If the above is true then he’s doing this at the right time and not when it’s too late.


A part of me still can’t believe that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. I grew up watching his show. Shows again that even seemingly nice people can have a darker side hidden beneath the façade.


I am still riding with my conspiracy.

This is a ruse and a play for time.

There is nothing new under the sun.


They do the song and dance play for some time and advance their agenda either way. I just think this new guy has something slick up his sleeve. I think he and others see a opportunity in Trump and they wanna take it before things swing back.

I just frankly think the United States and others have a bad record of underestimating the resources and resolve of certain enemies.

To go further I am so paranoid I think this whole summit was nothing more than a chance to plant spies or otherwise get more information about security layout and high value targets.

I know the South Korean leader is due to meet in North Korea in Autumn, I wanna see how that goes if it happens at all.

The American meeting is what matters, I wanna know the location and the length. If it’s in China I think my idea is still a go-make your outrageous demand over seas high pressure democratic leader has to look strong and save face. The American walks away looking weaker and the North Korean still has the recognition and legitimacy granted by having an audience with an American president.

So again I’m saying Kim announces he has a nuke and makes his demands from there. The best thing Trump could do is get up and walk away or announce stiffer sanctions. I don’t think Trump will do that. He will give into the demands so long as he can walk away looking like he got some sort of peace deal or promise. I am counting on domestic pressure, arrogance, and ignorance to lead to a perfect storm of sorts.

Remember Trump is getting one page mostly picture Presidential Daily Briefings, he has legal trouble over his head, he is facing re-election. He needs something quick and easy to show himself as a winner. The Sectary of State just got sworn in yesterday. This is a recipe for disaster. All Kim has to do is be bold.


Lie. The sandwich I just made for myself is new.


IIRC you’re a fan of Last Week Tonight. Not saying it’s precisely a news outlet; it’s freaking comedy, but still didn’t you see last week’s episode on the Iran deal? I hardly think Trump will give in. If anything he will ask so many impossible concessions that NK will walk away and keep at it with the nukes if they still have the resources to make them.


As happy as I am, these meetings feel similar in a way…


(Munich Agreements, images archived from Wikipedia)

I know it isn’t the same situation; that much’s obvious. The whole North Korean-peace situation just feels…a little off. The negotiations of peace seemed pretty quick, just considering North Korean missiles were flying over Japan a few months ago, and (that from what I’ve read on North Korea), they’re taught from birth to dislike South Korea and western civilizations. Even if that latter part isn’t true (the teaching dislike from birth), it all seems a tad sketchy.

I guess history’s a reminder that not everything should be taken at face value, I’d like to see how this develops.


Kim says that he hopes in the coming days to establish that he can earn the trust of the United States and South Korea.

I still think he is doing this because he is out of money. But I also think that possibly there is a kind of fatalistic sincerity coming in. Kim had hoped for many years not to tow the line that was followed by other strongmen who eventually caved to “U.S. Friendship and Disarmament” only to pay the ultimate price.

But maybe he now sees no other way as the alternative is simply beyond his reach. Again, presuming that China and Russia both make it clear they are not interested in a powerful DPRK… and the possibility Kim figures his chances are better with the Americans than with the Chinese or Russians.

In the stakes of Nuclear Proliferation, Kim would have to take everyone hostage, including China, which basically to me looks unsustainable.

The window for pulling off @Speaker 's Gambit is closing. :stuck_out_tongue:


UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has resigned in the wake of the Windrush Scandal.

Honestly though, the buck for this stops with Theresa May. She was home secretary between 2010 and 2016 when a vast majority of these inhumane decisions were made.