General News Thread 2.0


The key thing is we don’t know really what happens behind closed doors at World Leader meetings.

The one between Xi and Kim for example could have easily been very tense. Kim is the first of his family to have tried snubbing the Chinese government. And then he also executed and eliminated all the Chinese plants in his government.

There’s a lot of focus on what Trump thinks or might do. But I think long before that, Xi’s plans, or at least the long shadow he casts, for Kim and DPRK may have already played out with most of us unawares. Given that Kim and Xi were not on talking terms, doesn’t anyone think that Kim may have known that Xi would be able to secure a “Presidency for Life”? Won’t Kim fear for his own life once he gets that intel?

Word that Kim was trying to source his weapons program from places like the Ukraine indicates that China definitely was of no help to him. Think of what Xi and his Chinese spymasters would think upon discovery of that.

If you start looking at it this way, then Kim wanting to prove himself as a probable ally of the West begins to make sense.


Right wing slowflakes get offended by JOKES



The event will occur before the end of May at the Korea Demilitarized Zone with events happening on both sides of the border. Singapore is still being mooted as a possible destination, but the lines are live and the talk could very well be real.

The world will be watching out for what could possibly be the “May-n Event of the Year”

“Whattcha gonna do?!? When Peace in the Korean Peninsula runs wild on you?!?!”


That’s a funny name to give to what is possibly the most militarized zone on Earth.


Well the Korean War has never actually ended
The same with World War 2 with Russia-Japan


Yeah, I know that, but I’m just pointing out that the “Demilitarized” Zone is the most militarized zone. Kind of ironic.


Wow, there must be some really damming evidence for the MOD to actively pre-empt this and admit it. They’ve never admitted it before.

It says a Reaper drone fired on an IS vehicle in eastern Syria on 26 March this year, “unintentionally” killing a civilian on a motorbike when he crossed the target area at the last minute.

If it is at the last minute, call off the fucking drone strike. At that point you’ve actively killed an innocent bystander on purpose.


Probably the dead civilian from their fucking drone strike.


Well they could always do what they usually do and paint every single adult male killed by drones as an “enemy combatant” in the statistics. There’s always armslength deniability involved so there has to be irrefutable evidence to the contrary.


Here are the most recent statistics for video game industry: Mobile Revenues Account for More Than 50% of the Global Games Market as It Reaches $137.9 Billion in 2018


Aw I hoped that it includes the loan-per-head depending on which platform you develpo games on. 51% is not that much if the developers are ten times as many as console/PC developers.


Cambridge Analytica gets an axe in the chest!

… But with just a snap of the fingers…


Well it’s not really that mysterious if we know it’s the same cunts behind it again, is it?


A bit ironic this is happening hot on the heels of The Identity Thief ET. Somebody may get ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where are Nintendo Switch games counted though? Console? Mobile?
That device was responsible for a sizeable jump in hardware and software demand.


The Boy Scouts are now allowing girls and have changed their name to ‘Scouts BSA.’ That’s right. Their new name is Scouts Boy Scouts of America.


I love this. Just this. Let’s just keep going. Let’s just keep wasting our time in doing this pointless stupid politically correct “gender equality” BS instead of actually doing useful actions. It’s almost like there should be a group called the Girl Scouts so that both genders could have th…oh wait…
BTW,why don’t the girl scouts do the same then?Can equality only swing one way?


Nintendo Switch counts as (handheld/home) console. Mobile market includes only smartphone and tablet games, as it is shown on the graph.


Wait… isn’t there already a Girl Scouts unit?

What’s going on? :open_mouth:

P.S.: I see… the BSA lost 1/3rd of its membership. This is not about gender equality. It’s a blue ocean strategy.


Hmm,I see now. It’s a good PR move since it was requested by some way back. Makes it more understandable.