General News Thread 2.0


Why does this make you so angry? You seem pretty offended for someone who supposedly hates “political correctness”.


It IS politically correct to expand the boyscouts just for the sake of pandering to “gender equality”,as if the Boy Scouts (or the Girl Scouts,for that matter)ever were discriminating any gender. No,it pisses me off that the “equality card” is,more and more,being used when it’s convenient or for useless things such as this. It’s annoying. If they want to just create the Scouts,fine by me. But,if they want “equality” why don’t they (this was the question I had in mind) do us the same favour and open the Girl Scouts for males? Equality. But now that I see that it was nothing more than a PR move,it really doesn’t bother me as much. I just hate seeing the word “equality” being thrown around. It gets to you,y’know? This,“culture appropriation”(y’know,the “my culture is NOT your prom dress” guy,who was then discovered to be dropping N bombs left and right on his early tweets,btw)and everyone becoming so over-sensitive to everything,changing pointless things and fighting for pointless crap like this case. Or atleast,that’s what I thought had happened,so it really irritated me.


Why though? You’re overreacting to the point of near hysteria over an organization allowing both boys and girls after years of not doing that.


Look at my (recent) edit,it should maybe clarify a little bit. Yeah,I overreacted,but this,the “my culture is not your prom dress” guy,the bully hunters(which were a concept very poorly executed),it just kinda triggers me. Although I really wasn’t that mad,it was just a reaction on the spot.
The equality card being thrown around for pointless crap like this also annoys me because it seems to me like nowadays we are making plenty of pointless arguments,fights (cyberfights),protests,for…for nothing,really.
Not that there weren’t any important changes in the last years,but seeing people wasting time on causes like these? There has to be something better to do.
Also,sorry if I sounded “near hysteria”,didn’t mean to seem aggressive with you! It’s just my way of putting enphasys on words!


So we’re talking about allowing campings and excursions of children cross-gender?

I can actually see a lot of benefits to this. The “America” part kind of turned me off however.


Department of Reduncy Department.


Even the naming convention is an act of conceit. So now the groups will be named:

Scouts Boy Scouts of America (Scouts BSA)
Scouts Girl Scouts of America (Scouts GSA)


Girl Scouts of America


They should just make it one big org. for boys and girls

Teach these youth something valuable like learning how to pay taxes, balance a check book, modern life skills like putting on a condom etc


That takes skill? :stuck_out_tongue:


Local elections in parts of England.

UKIP getting royally fucked up again


As far as I know of my state, this stuff is taught in school and is heavily encouraging of parents to go more in-depth with their children. It also includes education on job earnings and other such.

Then again, I live in Central New York; no idea how the other places fair but I guess it should be somewhat the same?


They don’t teach contraception in my country. Almost all pregnancies of any form are celebrated.




CRIME NOTICED! :laughing:


Yes, I know of stories and have one myself of putting my condom on wrong the very first time. You are “excited” just trying to get the thing on in the dark so you can move on to the good part. lol



I went to alot of schools growing up some on miltary bases and i was not taught any of that. I guess times have changed then and I am glad for it, however i somehow suspect youth are ill equipped for the brutality of the modern society.

Taxes alone


This is what Kanye’s verse on “Lift Yourself” was truly about.


This does not appear to be from a satirical paper.


Neither does this unfortunately


Guess they better put a ban on knives! This is absurd, only trained professional Chefs should have access to knives.


They already did that buckaroo


Cool. Now we wait, let’s see what happens next. That should solve everything now, there will be no more blood shed from stabbings.