General News Thread 2.0


Also Trump was being incredibly hyperbolic if you can stretch your imagination wild enough to believe such a thing


Gee I don’t know if I can. For you, I’ll certainly try buddy



has anyone ever said gun laws would totally eradicate gun violence? ever? you’re making shit up for the sake of your argument, because the goal has always been to limit gun crime, not totally get rid of it (which would be impossible) - which knife laws, believe it or not, have actually done in regards to knife crime.


Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself



And @Spods actually yeah, many here were talking about putting a total ban on guns. Which is why I voiced my opinion in the past. Because regulating guns I have zero problems with, sooo…

Because my argument ALWAYS was, a gun in the hands of a sane person is nothing to fear.



You say that like I actually give a fuck lmao just because I’m from the USA doesn’t mean I support Trump hahaha


my point was that no matter how strict the restrictions, absolutely nobody expects gun crime to be eradicated entirely because that’s just completely unreasonable. it’s the same with knife laws, so to say they don’t work because there is still knife crime is just silly


So all the cops who shoot dead unarmed black men and don’t get fired, they’re “sane people”? Because surely the Police wouldn’t continue to hire insane people, right?


So what do you intend we do next when people still get killed even after all the regulations? Which will still happen, unfortunately because that’s the world we live. So I ask you… what exactly is your argument?

@Quinn right, sure.


Jeez guys chill. Of course laws made of air are useless, how they are enforced is something worth looked into.

Like this:

Is this even “tested” when handing out a gun? I mean in practice?


Honestly, what it boils down to is… even if on paper (before one could/would buy a gun) it said you had no prior mental health issues and you had the proper background checks and then later got cleared and purchased the gun… who is to say that person wouldn’t LATER develop something or just flat-out fly off the handle?

The thing is unfortunately (more times than not) we don’t find that out until later when it’s too late.
(Then media goes all war on guns, more regulations blah blah bull shit)
So what I’m trying to say is; how far does this go until people want to ban guns all together? (Which, mind you, would do NOTHING to stop the killings.) My argument is simply no matter what we do it will never stop and that’s just the damn truth. No amount of laws or regulations will ever fully put an end to it… that’s it. That’s all I’m saying.

But let’s be real for a second. Show me statistically how many law abiding citizens (NOT CRIMINALS) went ape shit with a gun? The people that own guns that actually never shot at anyone (crazy I know :dizzy_face:) are the ones I mean by “sane”


Ofc nothing will ever end it completly. But just as you cannot shield yourself 100% from radiation, you can try to lower it down. The most ideal solution to counter gun crime will not make it vanish but hey… maybe lower it by 90%?

The issue is also quite cultural here I think. Other countries never were really liberal with guns and regular citizen cannot imagine to even hold a gun. In such countries you dont need to worry for that part for example. And as long guns are kind of an status symbol of power or the ability to protect your family, laws or other approaches to reduce the number of guns will not be very efficient.

I am always with you if we establish a world of responsible citizen with awareness for the dangers the things they do and the things they own. But sadly mankind is not very eager to be that.


And how do you know whether they’re sane or not sane? And sane is a very, very broad term to use here. What happens, for example, if this “sane” person shoots 10 people at the mall? What then? A gun in the hands of a “sane” person is no safer than a gun in the hands of an “insane” person. Anyone could commit a gun crime at any time, mental health issues or not.


That it will happen less if firearms are regulated with more than 0.5% efficiency.


You know what? You’re absolutely correct and I take my statement back from earlier. Which still leaves me with my statement from before, no matter what we do, or how many laws we pass or regulations we have there will still, always be gun violence. Im just gonna end with; put all the regulations you want on guns, at least it will look like we are doing something on the media I guess. :confused:


EXACTLY my point. And no amount of regulations or laws will ever change that is what I’m trying to say. Lessen the chances of it happening more…? HOW? A “criminal” is going to get his hands on a gun one way or the other. Therefore there will always be gun violence, no matter the amount of laws or regulations. Case closed.

Now do I have a problem with us at least trying? No. Go right ahead, but it will change nothing. But at least we can all feel good to say we tried, right? :roll_eyes:


Yeah you’re right, there’s no connection between having a gun and shooting someone with it, and not having a gun and not shooting someone.


Yeah and we all know guns are the only form of killing right? :roll_eyes: You just don’t get the bigger picture here and you never will.


You, the other week.

You’re legitimately terrified of sending your own child to school, that’s how bad the scale of this problem is.

Does that sound like a free and open society to you? One where you can’t even bear sending your own child to school?