General News Thread 2.0


Here in Norway it’s illegal to carry a knife in public even small pocket knives and I don’t find it absurd, knives is a weapon and there is no reason to carry a knive in the city etc.


I find that this is a skill of many successful people.


Being hyperbolic is not a skill


If it weren’t more people would be successful.


Oh believe me… it is… that is to do it in a way that actually works…

It’s been the bane and boon of many businesses, deals, and even whole financial crises… the fact that many things change hands simply because “Everything he said was incredible, but seemed like the truth”.


Where did I ever say we live in a free and open society?? Yes it’s true I said I didn’t want to send my kid to public school. And I still don’t.

In all honesty, yes, mostly is because I fear of a school shooting could happen. But also because the public school system is a fucking joke and even if I didn’t have to worry about school shootings I would still choose to homeschool my child. But here is the kicker, even though I do fear of possible school shootings I still wouldn’t want to ban guns. Because at the end of the day, it’s the shooter you have to worry about and not the actual gun itself. That should go without saying however


What if one works in construction though? :thinking:

Nah, in all honesty though, you can label anything… ANYTHING a weapon…That’s what always baffled me about airports in particular. They are so concerned to look for weapons during a search (which is totally fine and understandable!!) but really… a person that knows jujitsu or whatever could easily put a person in a headlock on the plane, threatening to break the individuals neck if they don’t unlock the pilots door… my point on this example being… do we ban people? Lol or regulate who can or can’t learn The martial arts ?? It’s ridiculous how things are getting in the world today…


It is indeed ridiculous - Tens of Dozens of mass shootings in the first 4 months of 2018 and still nothing is done about it.

Never an inopportune moment to repost this


Well you seem like a man who has all the answers… so, Almighty Quinn… what do we do that will put an end to this, indefinitely? A solution where you-personally can guarantee no more massacres will take place? In other words, you’re President of the US; what would Quinn do??


Why ask me a question if you don’t want me to reply?


Because unfortunately I already know the answer…


So why are you even asking in the first place?





“To protect humanity, some humans must be sacrificed. To ensure your future, some freedoms must be surrendered… You are so like children.”


That’s something else, workers can carry a knife in their work, if you fish or hunt you can also carry a knife.

How many times does that happens compared to firearm and knife kills?

I can answer this, ban weapons and do as Norway did:

And after that, only people who hunt or are a active member in a shooting club can own a gun, and make it strict so others can’t borrow your gun or steal it, it has to be locked down when it’s not used in a steel gun storage cabinet, ban assault rifles so it’s illegal to own a assualt rifle.

I find it odd that many americans needs to own a gun to feel safe and yet they don’t see the gun ownership as a part of the problem.

And i find it odd that you said that you are afraid for sending your child to school because of all the school shooting, but yet you don’t want weapons to be banned, so you are ready to live in fear for you your wife and your childs life just so you can own a gun if you want to, for me that’s absurd.

No worries, we just have to agree to disagree and you are right a discussion like this can go on and on and on :joy:.


Alright… there is just soo much that I disagree with here, I’m just gonna leave it go. I’m done discussing this topic, it just isn’t worth it anymore.

I said what I had to say and that’s that. No offense to anyone because I’m not gonna change my mind and I’m not looking to change any one else’s views, so I’m through discussing this. Carry on everyone.


can you read? I literally just fucking said that there would be gun crime regardless, but tighter laws would still make a difference


Maybe remove the “can you read?” insult? It should be possible to discuss this in a civil manner :grinning:.

But even the president of the US, uses the same arguments for gun ownership as @AGENT4T7 does:

:grimacing: looks like many americans is accepting and can live with the high murder rates by guns, just so they can own a gun themselves and feel (false) safe and secure :roll_eyes:.


To be fair we are all populistic here as well, discussing the issue to die by guns so often here when there are numerous causes of death that are multiple times frequently happening. For example dying by heart diseases and cancer combines is ~100x more likely.

THAT is why I dont follow the hype too much like the media does when other, bigger problems dont get addressed.

But on the other hand let’s not go by the numbers too much, this is not communism, every single death is as bad as all deaths combined.