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But the police here Norway is not armed and the reason for that is that few people have guns here in Norway so they don’t have to be armed, they arm themselves only when it’s need for it and that is not every day here in Norway.

Seems like many americans can’t see the connection between the need of arming themselves and the out of controll gun ownership.

But you can’t compare murders with guns and deadly illness :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, we are discussing ways to minimize murders committed by guns.

Of course it is, both is meaningless, but be murdered is more meaningless, dying from illness is normal, that’s life, I will not call be shot to death for normal and i will not accept that as a normal way to die, but it looks like it is that for many americans.

There is many other countries that are safe like Norway, US is not one of them or many states, i don’t know the different gun laws in all states, so no i would not wish to move to US or to states that are very liberal when it comes to gun laws.

Let me refrase it then, dying by illness is a natural death and is called a normal death, be murdered is not, be murdered isn’t something i would call for normal.


Well then the best advice I can give you is to continue to stay safe in Norway and never move anywhere else. I mean that in a non-condescending way, too.


Why not? Is it less bad to die by that?

I have a huge problem with the term ‘normal’. Getting killed by other humans was ‘normal’ for like 300k years as well.

But then again we research to counter diseases. So both is something we dont desire, no matter how we call the one or the other. Murder is just being treated special because there is someone we can give the direct fault for and put in jail. But for the sake of those dying, I prefer to lower the number no matter if natural or not.


I’n seriously considering making another account just to give you another like.


Now,not to sideline the thread,I do agree that tougher gun laws would aid the situation. Massacres would still take place and we’d still see the same news,but with less frequence. Although,now,how do we strip the guns off of people that are deemed inadequate anyways?
I mean,I’m all for stricter gun laws,deeper evaluations and such,but wouldn’t it end up like when alcohol was banned way back when?I mean,still,we are discussing the impossible. Stricter guns laws won’t happen,not in a bazillion years. Especially not under this president. So discussing the what ifs really doesn’t do much for me.


There is only a “too late” when it comes down to think about stuff. So we are fine here.


I mean,I agree,I just don’t see the point of jumping at each others throat for hypoteticals. Not that you did it,but this discussion got heated fast.
But let’s drop it,anyways. I don’t wanna derail the thread too much.


If there is one thing I imagine better human kind differs to us today, it is to discuss more sober than we do today. Not sure how to do this, but stopping to discuss surely is the wrong approach. :slight_smile:

Yeah let’s keep it to news, sorry mods.


It is though. I’m seeing two different viewpoints being shared openly. I just think one side has the better argument.


Well you certainly are entitled to your opinion.


I’m going to get real pissed if you’re mistaking careless lack of training or cultural prejudice with mental disability.


You’d be very wrong to make that assumption


Completelly disagree. Medical research should be a top priority expense to prevent this from happening. Also, pharmaceutical conglomerates that willingly prevent manufacturing or selling vaccones and cures so they can profit more by creating “remedies anda treatments” should face death penalty and embargo.



OK having read my post back I can see why you came to that conclusion. I didn’t word it very well. What I meant was that it is clearly nonsense to state that we have “nothing to fear from a sane person with a gun”. Given the number of people killed by police in the USA, the number of accidental deaths and the number of angry racists like Dylan Roof, there’s plenty to fear. To imply that all deaths via guns are due to mentally unwell people is grossly offensive.

I also don’t like the idea of mental health being used as a shield by pro gun advocates to deflect from any attempt to solve the problem. If they truly have a shit about mental health they would advocate for it instead of only bringing it up when there’s a shooting they want to distract from.

Anyway, Cheers for pointing that out and keeping me on my toes.


I’m a rather intense pro-guns supporter but I absolutely agree with this. Which is why I have to say that Agent4T7’s latest attitude is troubling at best. If you identify a problem, establish a solution. Do not try to imply that all possible solutions would be innefficient which would then not solve the problem at all. This ultra status-quo mindset only states that you don’t really care about anything ever. Just a stagnant continuity. There is a clear difference between taking a wrong action and total inaction. The latter being far worse.


I thank you for not @ me, but if you wouldn’t mind, keep me out of this discussion please.


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And as you can see from my last post above, I asked politely to keep me out of this discussion from here on out, as I have no desire to pursue it further.


This fuckin guy I swear to god


I don’t remember who it was that posted a survey on discord if people would be willing to move to Mars if they knew they wouldn’t be coming back. I need to change my answer.