General News Thread 2.0


So a former aide to Ronald Regan who was involved in the Iran Contra Scandal in the 80s is the new president of the NRA.

Makes logical sense I guess. A man who would sell guns to literally anyone being President of an Agency that values guns over human life.


Every time I hear about this man I assume it is because he has been killed.

I am convinced that the next time I hear about this man it will be because he is dead. But I been saying that for a while

Admittedly I am a pretty anger filled young man-and even I don’t think even after killing a person who was an actual threat to my life or even worse my wife’s life that I could go on to brag or reference it as some sort of accomplishment that shows I’m a bad ass gangster.

The behavior of using that incident as some sort of great accomplishment says alot about Mr. Zimmerman.

When a deputy advised Warren to respond and ask Zimmerman to stop the communication or Warren would involve law enforcement, Zimmerman allegedly refused and continued the texts. Zimmerman allegedly texted a link to an article in which he was quoted as saying, “I know how to handle people who [expletive] with me, I have since February 2012” and “Anyone who [expletive] with my parents will be fed to an alligator.”


Ok man, I understand him wanting to get rid of the bodies, but an alligator? Really? I’d go for the good old wood chipper.

On a serious note, this man’s a fucking idiot.


Fucker got away with Manslaughter. The ammount of pain he caused can only make me hope that the next time I read about this wannabe cop,is because someone decided to test his ability to “handle those who fuck with him” and he lost. The fact that he was absolved was a joke


Syria and its allies have been trying to destroy Israel for decades; yet, every attempt has failed, but you keep trying, don’t you? Just give up.



I first started noticing news trends as a younger man back around '05 when I noticed the uptick in coverage of young white women who had gone missing.

I taught myself that it wasn’t that white women were going missing more than “normal” but that a national trend of looking for related stories starts to occur. After a story of a major fire stories of smaller fires are brought to national attention for a day or two and then the the trend dies. I don’t describe anything malicious to it other than the pursuit of keeping people’s interest by playing a “you liked this story well this one is sorta just like it” game.

Which leads me to the string of stories over months of White people calling the police needlessly on blacks or people of color in general.

Just like the missing white women I would say I don’t think this incidents are happening more than “normal” but I think the media is looking for a trend and is trying to keep it going for views. I know this stuff happens-it has happened to me. I know from my own personal experience that SOME like to use the police as their own body guards or personal servants.When people say “I’m calling the police” it’s not so that we can have resolution or unbiased mediator it’s the same tone as one says “I’m calling my husband, mother, etc” I’m going to get someone on my side to scare you. I think the police are overused by everyone in our society white black or otherwise.

My favorite stories of late are the one in which a mom called the cops on Native Americans whom she mistook as Mexicans for being “creepy” and making her “nervous”

“There are two young men that joined our tour that weren’t part of our tour,” the mother, who has not been identified, tells the dispatcher. “They’re not – definitely not – a part of the tour.”

She says the Grays’ behavior is “just really odd” and that they are wearing dark clothing with “weird symbolism or wording on it.” One of them had his hand in his sweatshirt pocket, she says, and she could tell they were lying when she asked one of them about what they wanted to study because the other started laughing.
“I think they’re Hispanic, I believe,” the mother says, when asked about whether they were white males. "One of them for sure. He said he’s from Mexico.

So breaking this down we see she called the cops because they showed up late and had on “weird” t shirts. Instead of calling the cops why didn’t she just ask the tour guide if they belonged? Why didn’t the tour guide say anything. Do you have to be in a suit and tie to not appear creepy? Is being creepy enough to call the cops? Instead of even talking to anyone she worked herself up to call the cops on people she couldn’t even identify.

My other favorite story is the one involving Bob Marley’s grand daughter and Air BNB

At the press conference, the Airbnb homeowner also spoke and said the situation could have been avoided had her guests used some common courtesy.

“If the kids had simply smiled at (my neighbor) and waved back and acknowledged her and said, ‘We’re just Airbnb guests checking out,’ none of this would have ever happened,” she said. “But instead, they were rude, unkind, not polite.”

I find it ironic that a woman is complaining that someone didn’t acknowledge her. I can’t even repeat how many times I hear women say “I don’t owe you a hi” “I don’t owe you acknowledgement.” And they are correct. So it’s funny to me a woman called the cops because other women didn’t wave. So had they really been robbing the house had they waved they could have robbed her blind. I’m still trying to figure out who robs houses of luggage and not electronics or furniture.

The cops are over used in this country because people are nosey and scary at the same time, which is a pathetic combination. If you gonna be nosey be brave enough to be nosey don’t be nosey and scared.

All these articles are unsurprising. I’ve dealt with it, my family has dealt with it-this is unsurprising. You may laugh at me but I feel like I have PTSD from this bullshit. I’ve lived it and now I see the media repeating the news over and over to feed a news trend and it is upsetting me. I stopped watching police shootings and now I’m hearing news stories that confirm to me that I am a target in public. I don’t like that mental burden.


There are so many trends going on lately around the globe. Ranging from actual social tensions and racial conflict to genuinely weird and out of place stuff like the snorting of condoms or eating tide pods. It’s almost like if the world is slowly falling into the flames one way or another.


“MY DAD WILL SUE YOU!” “My uncle works at Nintendo.”


North Korea frees American Detainees

Trump to meet Kim in Singapore on JUNE 12!

This is it people! As Bruce Buffer would say: “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT’S TIIIIIIIME!”


But elsewhere…

And that’s just 48 hours after America pulled out of Iran Nuclear deal.

The lesson of war (particularly World War 2) is that the capacity to launch attacks/fire weapons increases as a country’s wallet begins to run down. We don’t know how much $$$ Iran lost as a result of the USA’s pull out, but it had already disposed 98% of its enriched uranium and dismantled all its atomic weaponry.

We also don’t know what else Iran feared in the Middle East that would have made it agree to an alliance with the West.

Now we are in uncharted missile-slinging territory for the first time since the conflict that created the Gaza Strip.

Recently Israel had shown supposedly some evidence that Iran was trying to cheat on the disarmament clauses, but that is where Europe and America have parted ways: Europe believes there is a way to keep Iran in line, America does not.

We will see if America is right.


Well it sure doesn’t look like they’re willing to play nice anymore, with these unprovoked attacks on Israel.


It seems odd that considering around six countries brokered the deal with Iran, the pull out of one (America) appears to have had catastrophic results.

I think without a copy of the agreement none of us may ever know how important America’s signature was to the whole deal. Of course if it turns out American $$$ were being paid to get this done, and the conditions Iran had to be meet were lax (hence accusations of cheating from Israel and Trump) then you’d expect a businessman like Trump to walk away.

Just surprised it caved so quickly even with the other Euro countries still onboard.

@Speaker Remember when I said America’s most dangerous card is the one labelled “We’ll walk away”? This is exactly what I meant. I sure hope this doesn’t happen on June 12. I just have a feeling there’s a lot at stake at that table.


Targeting Israel was a huge mistake for Iran, as evidenced by most of their Syrian infrastructure being destroyed.


If you have to be told how to act like a human, you might be a Tory.


Or you might just be Zucc.


Shooter is 14 years old


It is very disappointing that I’m completely unsurprised by this. It’s as common as breathing now.


Even the most outrageous acts of violence, when happening over and over again in short intervals and for a big time lapse, can become unsurprising and not a big shocker even through you know what’s happening is very wrong.


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