General News Thread 2.0


So Aaron Hernandez just killed himself in prison.


Interesting. Wasn’t he found not guilty the other day?

Also, I am starting to have suspicions about why this snap election is being called.


No shit? Gotta look that up. He sat thru all those trials just to go and kill himself after it’s over.


From what I just read he was already serving a life sentence for a separate murder, so he wasn’t getting out anyway.


Yeah I know, that’s why I wondered why he would sit thru this recent trial since it really had no impact either way. Maybe just to enjoy what little sense of freedom he may have felt by shuttling to and from court? Idk. Don’t really care I guess.


It’s kinda eerie that he died on the same day that the New England Patriots are visiting President Trump at the White House.

Trump must be disappointed that Tom Brady isn’t showing up though.


Real Patriots would call that prick out on all his bullshit, not bend the knee and go to his little compound for a flattery visit


Way to take shit out of context…


Plenty of Patriots players have already stated they are not going to visit President Trump because of political disagreements (except for Tom Brady), and I think you’re taking the name of a football team way too literally. I wouldn’t expect the players on the Lions to be actual lions lol.

it’s common for football players to not show up to the white house after a Superbowl victory due to political disagreements with the president. Just because some happen to agree with Trump, or just don’t shut out anyone who has an opposing opinion doesn’t mean they are “unpatriotic”.


Watching Senators take on the Sharks would be a lot better though.


I didn’t take it out of context, I took it literally - More for the purpose of making a point. It’s far more patriotic to criticise your country when it does something wrong than it is to ignore it and just go “America’s great lololol”

but what the fuck do i know





Some norwegian news, a bit funny, because the leader Jonas Garh Støre of norwegian Labour party says this in english, to the current norwegian goverment the Conservatives and Progress pary :joy:.

The general election here in Norway is this year, 11 september and the Labour party is getting my vote :blush:.



We did it live too



I will never vote for Finnish Labour parties. I dont like capitalism but i dont also like Socialism


Socialism isn’t exactly the same as Social Democracy, norwegian Labour party is a Social Democracy party, not a Socialism party.

This political party in Finland is similar to the norwegian labour party:

“Ideology and voter base[edit]
The party calls itself “a modern, centre left party” with “progressive” ideals.[5] The first value that the party uses to describe itself is “a fair society”. The party states that “A society without fairness, is a society without meaning. Success, opportunity and freedom must be open to all people, and society should reward hard work and fair-play – not greed, status or chance. The measure of people should be their respect for others, not their wealth and background or characteristics such as race, sexuality or gender.” The second value that the party uses to describe itself is “a supportive state”. The party states that “States should not decide how people live their lives, but they can give people the power to choose for themselves. The state should not be an authority above citizens, but a solid base below them - on which they can build their lives with the services and security they need to pursue their dreams.” The third value that the party uses to describe itself is “a sustainable future”. The party states that “We cannot ignore the great problems of tomorrow, for the small benefits of today. Environmental damage, reckless economic activity and a weakening of social care all pose threats to the future of our country and our world. An active state and international cooperation must be the tools with which we build a sustainable future.”[5]”

I like this ideology :blush:.


Policeman shot dead in Paris, shooter immediately killed in return fire.


I read it can be a failed armed robbery?

Watching it live on


Looks like it is a terrorist attack :flushed: