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Trump has a lot to answer for. He has blood on his hands over this situation.


This probably (85%) could’ve been avoided had Trump not moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and just leaving it in Tel Aviv.


I am more angry for the border snipers than Trump.


Of course the Leftist controlled Globalist Media :vampire: is not gonna cover THIS black man :man:t6:getting bullied. We see who the real tolerant left is. :100:

Time to leave the democratic plantation. :man_farmer:t6::woman_farmer:t6:

Free Thinkers :brain::brain::brain:


I do understand that, but the border snipers are taking orders. That’s not to completely absolve them of any blame, but they are merely the triggermen. This is the kind of knife edge situation that you can only really understand by looking at the wider context of the regional “conflict” (ie the continued oppression of the Palestinian people by the Israeli Government) and how tensions can easily be inflamed by the actions of its allies.

The fact is that Trump, culturally insensitive as he is, decided to break with decades of US foreign policy by recognizing Jerusalem and moving the US Embassy there from Tel Aviv. He did this despite knowing how terrible an idea it would be. He didn’t care. 55 people were murdered by IDF soldiers, and thousands were injured. This happened at protests - Protests that were spurred on by Trump’s reckless, idiotic and thoughtless decision to move the embassy. Trump has blood on his hands. He’s one of the most powerful men in the world and he makes important decisions haphazardly and with little care for the consequences and fallout involved from those decisions.

Obviously there are others to blame for the wider issues of the “conflict” (I hate using that word to describe what is essentially an Army oppressing and killing downtrodden civilians) but these deaths and unrest simply would not have happened if Trump didn’t make the decision he did. This was the biggest single day of violence in Gaza since 2014, and Trump is responsible for it.


Is there a better source? Daily Wire is Ben Shapiro’s rag and I trust that guy about as far as I can throw him.


If everyone could just agree to some sort of compromise or solution for once in the Middle East maybe there’ll be less violence. I can only hope.

Edit: Also (and I hate using this argument), we must look at both the Arab and Jewish sides of the conflict. The Arab states in the Middle East and Africa have been trying to destroy the Jewish world for years, and many Arab politicians are openly Anti-Semitic. I’m not justifying any actions committed by Israel, and I’d definitely rather see peace, but history has shown that when two separate ethnic groups cannot coexist in the same area, nothing good happens.


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Thanks man, definitely more trustworthy.


Just asking, what news media do you guys trust?


Identity politics. MAGA is just another cult.


Depends, I usually dont trust news that dont share their sources. I am generally optimistic regarding german public service broadcasters but ignore conclusions they make and try to do that myself.

It also depends on the topic. For some things you need experts, ideally when they have their own sites.


I get my news from a myriad of different places because I think as consumers of news, the most responsible thing we can do is critically analyse reporting. It is more important than ever to do that in the era of “fake news”. I generally start with BBC (which does a perfectly decent job of presenting basic facts on developing stories) before I go deeper into reading more editorialized sources. The Intercept and The Guardian do a lot of brave investigative reporting on a wide variety of topics. They also both leak a lot of classified shit, and I fully support and respect that.


“May I suggest the Daily Mail? It’ll broaden your mind.”


Would suggest everyone watch this:


Oh dear


Apparently Kim had earlier suggested he had no problem with Joint Military Exercises continuing between ROK and US.

But I guess he cannot also appear like a wimp.

At any rate… the concessions for Kim have begun:

Maybe this threat to cancel is just one more big play before the main event?


If it is, it’s a stupid decision to make AFTER your nuclear site is no longer producing missiles.


Well North Korea is a strange land. For example the trip to Singapore is a big concession for Kim because it is believed he has to actually purchase new aircraft to make the trip.

The existing presidential air fleet of DPRK has fallen into disrepair and hasn’t been used. Traditionally North Korean Leaders only traveled by (armored) train - which is still the method that Kim used to reach Xi Jin Ping for example.

Perhaps Kim isn’t aware that others can see his country via satellite. I’m pretty sure China and Russia avoid letting Kim in on too much information. Kim’s actions, or at least his recent ones, do show a kind of youthful rebellion against the docile stance his predecessors, father and grandfather, had towards China and Russia.

If you are the young leader of a country like North Korea it doesn’t take long for you to figure out that these two superpowers are not really interested in your welfare.