General News Thread 2.0


Well you can’t really reach Singapore by train, can you?


So this is the guy who’ll be in charge of stopping the zombie apocalypse.


For a second I thought it said Robert Redford; now I wish it was.




OK… So DPRK already dismantled the current Nuclear facility, but it appears it has leaked out that the goal of America is a “You shall never ever try this again” promise… which is too big and would bind Kim and any of his successors.

Again, Kim, like any other leader, has his own aspirations of success for himself and his country (at least to the extent that said country can support his lifestyle). A blanket No Nukes Forever clause is too much for him to take right now I think.

Also, just because Kim might not be able to afford to complete or advance a proper weapons program today. It does not mean he cannot come across the funding for it in say the next 5 or 10 years. So “forever” is too long for him.

Fears of a China usurpation or other stuff also can play in the background, but Kim cannot just give in completely or he risks just becoming like an American puppet colony.

On another angle, it has now emerged that there is talk of US investment into DPRK. So maybe Kim is just trying to raise more $$$ in exchange for that big promise to never develop atomics ever again?

Also, I can tell you… in ANY endeavor… once you take someone’s money? That is as strong a bond as any whether in friendship, in business, in marriage… you name it…

China will look at this as a blackeye if Kim takes Trump’s money. It is not out-of-bounds to suggest that perhaps China also heard whispers of US investment and countered in a backroom discussion to try and dissuade DPRK from coming to the table and taking that soul-binding money from China’s nemesis so the DPRK is just dabbing the brakes while Kim looks over a China offer… After all, China got what it wanted when DPRK already dismantled the current Nuke site.

But again… previous events have suggested Kim was already pivoting away from China because his country’s economy is 95% reliant on China for even the basics like food. And he already knows that China got pissed off when he launched all those missiles. He’ll never live it down again… so maybe life is better with the Stars and Stripes Gang?

Trump will in turn suffer a punch into the gut if it turns out Kim cheated and put the money into a new weapons program. See? Nothing is so simple. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s denuclearize every country. I’m serious. Having an arsenal of nuclear weapons is playing with fire AND tempting fate. What happens if your country’s leader all of a sudden goes insane and starts firing nukes at everyone? Nuclear war. It’s almost happened before.


That’s hippie talk Sean. Next you’ll be wanting to see the military budgets cut in favour of education and healthcare, like a filthy communist.


Yeah, how could I say these stupid things? Why have healthy citizens and educate our kids when we could have more tanks, bombs, and planes.


America Denuclearizes the World… at least in this movie.


U.S.A should be denuclearized (as well as everyone else). The current leader is probably too stupid to launch a nuke, even if there was a fucking button on his desk. If there was ever a portion of military spending and research that was both morally indefensible and unnecessary, nuclear weapons is it.


There was, unfortunately, no turning back once mankind discovered the splitting of the atom.
It’s a bit like when you see your first porno or nudie mag. You cannot unsee what you have seen.

We are living the result of human progress.


Chadwick Boseman, comencement speech at Howard University:

Very relevant and uplifting… especially, I hope, for people who go on this thread and see nothing but “bad news”.


Class Warfare in action prior to the Royal Bloody Wedding at the weekend. No tolerance for us commoners who have fallen on hard times, just reverence for an unearned position of privilege afforded by birthright alone.

Abolish the Monarchy


Royal family: “Go and be poor somewhere else!”
Renting them each a small hotel room for the few days might even be less expensive than paying the cops doing that.


ha, and what Hotel chain is gonna offer up their facilities to be used by the homeless even if it is on the government dime?

And I bet the cops would still be used around the clock to keep the hotel like a mini prison.

Oh and don’t let nothing get broken or vandalized, don’t let them find any drugs about.

Naw from the government and business stand point too much liability

let something go wrong first thing folks gonna say is

“Well why were they over there in the first place?”


Did they give the guys shoes before making them walk?


Yes we shall always keep the monarchy, the thing that have laid the stones for many countries (yes I know that the Windsor family is just a new name for that royal house). To there is usually more stability and are too more democratic and less corrupt


This is how the other officer should response to the Parkland School massacre, the school resource officer didn’t even shot to kill, he just wounded the shooter and he was ready to sacrifice his life to save the students.


And this,gents,is how a true protector of the people looks like.