General News Thread 2.0


Police and Civilians use proper training to rout 19 year old Wacko.

But yeah. This illustrates one of the main points I was making earlier on this topic: Better Training and Better Containment methods and a direct nob-lethal response can control this kind of situation.

Though I was rooting for more non lethal weapons and a more massive response than just one officer.


“So we followed the fire drill procedures. And then we went outside. Like we were all standing there, but not even five minutes later, we all start hearing gunshots.” That’s when everybody starts running, she said, despite teachers telling them to “stay put.” “But we’re all just running away.”

Uh oh looks like there is some shameful back story to this one.

I am sure America will be looking away quicker than usual.


This Is America.


And then this guy shows up, right after 10 people have been killed :roll_eyes::


The Catch 22 of free speech absolutism - 95% of the time, you end up having to defend idiots like this.


I’m not sure I would call it free speech, showing up like he did is just disrespectful behaviour and in my opinion it’s undefendable.


Constitutionally it is and it does not matter what you think unless this was comitted at a private facility or institution of yours and in which you’ve made clear that you will reserve the right of admission.

Law “works” like that.


I don’t follow. It sounds like you’re suggesting that he deliberately shot to non-fatally wound the suspect. Police officers are trained to shoot to stop the threat.


Today we learn that you don’t have to kill someone to stop them from doing something.


seriously another one?



Steam wants to get rid of games with pornographic content. That is sad because it should be part of the artistic freedom of the developers to include such content and the maturity of the players to play that.

I mean porn is 1. free online and 2. accessible without the need to be unlocked via gameplay. If kids want to see big boobies they surely go to Google first.

If someone knows a place to give feedback to Steam please tell me.


Depends. Steam is a publisher and has a right to decide what to publish and what not to publish. I think however their quality control has taken a massive nosedive since they introduced Greenlight and now Steam Direct. They’re focusing their energy in the wrong place. When half of the games on Steam are unfinished asset flips made in a free version of Unity you have bigger things to worry about than some digital boobs.


They are married! Beautiful ceremony even though some parts dragged on way too long.


Yes and No, there are games that are better in their early dev stage than finished 60$ games. Steam just has to find out where to draw the line.

This “it’s a corp and they have the right to do what they want” is something I generally support, however Steam is sadly in a monopoly situation. I think they should be more open for more kinds of people.


Finally, Christ. Steam’s rules for a long time was a big no to sexuality, and afterwards games had advertised patches or other such to bring it in.

I don’t mind an “Adults Only” section, but this half-assing of content needs to stop.

EDIT: Huh.


There are quite some R18 devs twittering about this. Saw a petition against Steam’s actions with 3.5k signers. But dont want to share it because almost all online petition sites sell your data.


I’m probably regret asking, but what the hell is HuniePop?


Well, well…honestly id even know how to explain that game to you - it’s one of those japanese dating sims that you first love and everyone talks about it but then you get into the sex scenes - & it just becomes uncomfortable.

But then the devs created another game where you control the girls/hunies you have been dating & ‘‘sexing’’ in a type of management sim.

Just watch Jacksepticeye it’s disgustingly strange to explain lol.


I have never taken a look at any of these titles, but I am fully against any action made to censor “inappropriate” content and the only situation where it is okay is when consent or statutory laws are broken.