General News Thread 2.0


Yep that’s it.

Between you and me. I secretly hope for the bomb. Please drop the bomb. End this charade of a nation.

Just let me share one more kiss with my wife and I will spread my arms and embrace the bomb.


I’m not sure USA is the only country that would be destroyed if that happens, I think a nuclear war between NK and the US would trigger a lot of other wars around the world :open_mouth:.


Good luck rest of world!


The NFL will fine teams if players kneel for the national anthem.

This wouldn’t even be an issue if Cadet Bone Spurs didn’t open his fat trap. It’s my personal belief that Colin Kaepernick was just having an alpha male moment and he didn’t feel like getting up, kinda like how Trump couldn’t be bothered to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem that one time and Melania had to nudge him. Anybody remember this:

The fucking hypocrisy.


Yep… The USA played the “We walk away” card.

North Korea counters with the “Our door is still open” card.

Remember: very real possibility North Korea is juggling a US and China deal. It weakens Kim’s position if he hasn’t decided which way to swing but one party is already gone or if he has already committed to one.

Previously he looked like he was already joining Team America, then he tries to dampen it, now he tries to revive it again. While this is happening, who knows what push and pull he’s doing with China that isn’t in the media spotlight?

Kim is really walking that tightrope in my view.

Behind the scenes I can see both China and the US breaking open that wallet. China has been making a lot of territorial gains lately in Asia and America pulled out of the TPP, but the “defection” of North Korea would be a huge coup for Trump, a bit like blasting off the armor from China’s backside as it leaves them vulnerable militarily to an inland invasion, but also crucially leaves them exposed to a potential Cultural Invasion. Imagine the devastating impact of a prosperous Americanized North Korea on neighboring Chinese provinces in the area.

China’s economic, political, and social doctrine relies very heavily on Cultural Sheltering which will cease to exist if the buffer state becomes Little America.




TotalBiscuit has passed away from Cancer. He was only 33.


That’s sad news, I always enjoyed his game reviews. I actually had no idea he was sick to begin with.


I never knew so many crazy people live in Illinois till I moved here.

First this guy:

And now we got a dude, who is running for office talking about Beyonce is in the Illuminati

Look I love conspiracy theories more than the next man. But I am bored of the ones that say only musical celebrities are in it. Talk to me about Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, or Bill Gates. I don’t wanna hear about no rapper or singer being in the Illuminati


Ohhhhhhhhh, don’t even get me started on that Nazi cuck Jones. He probably thinks the Jews made the volcano in Hawaii erupt.


Final score: Real Madrid 1- 1 Liverpool - 2 Liverpool’s Loris Karius.

Go United btw.

And Hala Madrid double btw.


Madrid too op, pls nerf


That goal by Bale


It looks like we know now who won the bidding war for North Korea’s soul…

Kim Jong Un be running US and China like:

China better cough up that money or June 12 gonna be the day they lost one of their most important buffer states.


This is like the best dude ever, his reaction is amazing. “I’ve never been given a trophy like this before, thank you.” I like how on top of citizenship, they just made him a fireman too. Great story.


Nice to see some good karma going towards such a brave fella. Good for him.


I’m more nervious at the facts that 1- this opens the possibility to staged miracles for similar rewards. 2- that man proves it is phisically possible to infiltrate a building by the windows without any form of tool, demonstrating the need of increased security and 3- who is to say this man is a valid candidate for the fire department of a global power’s capital? Government gifting jobs to people they like, wether or not they’ll perform in it, is amongst the top reasons my country is a catastrophe.


Yeah, you definitely got more good points here. Being able to climb like that doesn’t qualify him for that job alone. And like I said earlier, there will probably be people doing stupid shit to get citizenships after this.


They gave that employee who helped saving a few hostage from that Jewish supermarket in Paris the French citizenship, too. As far as I know there weren’t an increased number of people doing recklessly stupid things in an attempt to gain citizenship afterwards.

Besides, what are the odds of walking past such a situation? You can’t just walk down the streets hoping to bump into people to rescues. Unless of course, you’re faking it. And that requires some effort.


Faking situations was exactly what I was talking about, I’m not even saying this man did anything stupid, more like daredevil. No wonder there could be people who’d try to stage such things in order to get citizenships or jobs now when they see it’s possible, even if it required some effort. Maybe there have already been cases that failed and didn’t get any attention? The point is just that a citizenship or a job shouldn’t be given for that kind of a reason.