General News Thread 2.0


That’s a fucking idiotic thing to suggest.


Keep reading only those sentences you want to lol.

Citizenships and jobs shouldn’t be given to people like that because they might not qualify for them in other ways. Good for that guy tho. :^)


A feat made possible perhaps from DNA memory of a distant ancestor?

But kidding aside… that one moment displays many values and characteristics. Your concerns are valid, but I feel they may (MAY!) not apply in this particular case due to extreme circumstances.


I agree with you on the job, but if that person isn’t a serious offender or supporter of a terrorist organization I think the citizenship is well deserved.


I am deeply alarmed that we had similar thoughts.

You are so damn cynical.

You know they found the father of the child playing Pokemon go.
The president said they only gave out 5 such awards of citizenship last year so it being a fad is a little out there still.

The fact that he was seen climbing the building I think is security enough.

and him getting an opportunity to interview with the fire department I think is hardly a huge hand out. I think the man showed bravery and quick action which count for alot in emergency services.


Is there anything about how the child ended up in that situation?


from what I have been reading, no.

Just that the father was out to the store for food and delayed on the way back for some Pokemon go.
The mother is living on an Island.
The neighbor says the boy fell one floor and held on to the ledge he is seen on in the recording.


There was a lot of outrage over “Tommy Robinson” being arrested recently. Turns out he was in contempt of court, potentially prejudicing the outcome of a trial and was breaching the terms of his suspended sentence.

A little more serious than everyone first thought.


US Dollars gives them wings…

From just taking the armored train to China, this could be the start of North Korean government officials racking up frequent flyer miles to the Western Hemisphere.


Apparently all these years Porn have been the root of the problem when it comes to mass shooting, Though Diane Black does not express if it’s to little porn or to much that causes. I could be one gangbang scene away from going apeshit with my airsoft pistol…pew pew.


lul Video games with porn content must be the overkill then.


Although I don’t think porn alone contributes to mass shootings, you could make an argument that porn sets unrealistic expectations and thus feelings of inadequacy, which can contribute to an unstable individual to manifest in violence. But most of the popular culture does.

I think she would’ve come out of this better if she just worded it differently.


Many of his supporters and sympathisers have labelled it a ‘free speech’ issue, which it isn’t.

This is a great overview of the case & worth a read:


First it was the violent vidya games, now its the damn pornography.

This is fucking ridiculous.


Well that’s one plot twist.


Maybe it is his self from the future who came too late to warn him?
Or he got replaced by an reptilian, seeking to infiltrate his suroundings.


Hmmmmm…sounds like someone else I know of.


I got some news to share.

First I wanted to share this video

Two men one a cop play box complete with gloves in the street. I have a problem with that. It reminds me of when people want to be friends to their children rather than a parent. And of course cops are not parents but I speak of the authority dynamic. I don’t want cops putting their hands in gloves that don’t allow them to access their equipment. I don’t like cops having to play games with the people in the neighborhood to gain their trust. I hate these gimmick feel good stories when what is really needed is solid, competent and courteous police work. I don’t like them playing basketball with kids or other PR stunts. Just do the job with honor and respect and that reflects more than the one time you play boxed grown men in the street.

With this story I reached peak cynicism and this story will stick with me for life. The jury was evil for this. If they didn’t want to give money-don’t give money. This amounts to leaving a penny tip. The first thing I thought of was Black lives matter. Not the group but the saying. I am unfazed, unbothered, and I can’t say I am surprised. I have a friend, a young black man, the type whose response to white supremacy is to live his life above reproach. “They can’t get you if you ain’t doing anything, don’t give him an excuse.” Is his motto. I dig it. He advised me to give up and let the cop do whatever he wants to you, even if it is illegal, because you can sue on the back end. I was always skeptical of that-and now with this-I know it’s a joke.

They gonna get you, they gonna kill you, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. It’s a lottery ticket. Maybe they call your number…

Finally I conclude with a local story. I drive by this school weekly. A little while ago a mother stopped a potential school shooting by calling the cops on her son. She found her gun missing, noticed her boy was acting off and called the cops. A far cry from the parents who give guns back to their sons or otherwise don’t keep up after them.

While I respect and sympathize for the mother and what she did -I don’t know if I could have done that. I would have confronted the child myself I just don’t trust the police in any fashion what so ever. I know I am wrong for what I am about to say but at least I stand by my convictions right or wrong and man enough to say what I mean. I would rather kill my child by my own hand than give the state the pleasure to do it. If I can’t control my own then I’ll be damned if I let the state do it. If you livin under my roof and I’ve lost control of you I’m not about to call the cops to come in my home and do what I won’t. I do not trust the police and I am ready to carry the consequences of that.


Usally I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but this time I can’t say I do, because think that all cops are bad and can’t be trusted would be stigmatization or discrimination, you can’t really call all cops bad, just because some are.

I think the mother did the right thing, I can’t put me in the same situation, because I don’t have kids, but if my son was suicidal and my gun was missing I think I would do the same, I choose to believe that she was afraid of what her son could do, shoot himself or maybe somebody else and needed help from the police, sometimes parents end up in a situation they can’t handle alone and need help.

And for police be friendly with the community is for me a good thing, just because it looks like from you post that the police have a bad reputation and stories or friendly meeting with the police like this can for others change the view on the police, that most police officers will try to help you and are doing a good job, I refuse to believe that all cops in the US is bad people and sadly most times only stories of bad cops end up in the news and all the good things police are doing is not what the news is after and will be soon forgotten.


I respect that and what you are saying.

I have lost faith in this government institution so that means I have lost faith in the individual men and women of that institution.

Maybe to you and others I seem crazy. LOL I am jealous of you all.

I have made the judgement right or wrong, emotional or logical that interactions with the police are potentially life ending and it is in my self interests to look upon the police the same way I would a mugger. Wrong place wrong time and your life is in the hands of the person with the gun.