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Serial killer arrested in Massachusetts, three bodies identified.



Not satire.


I know it isn’t, it’s in the norwegian news as well, why he had to have a gun on him while he was out dancing is beyond me, but hey if “everybody” else is armed, you better be armed too, right? Very important to feel safe, no matter the consecvenses or accidents with guns involved :roll_eyes:.

Police in Norway was armed for a periode, it was numerous accidents with guns going off in locker room etc, it was just pure luck that nobody was killed,

Why this FBI Agent had a round in the chamber and forgot about it is beyond me, the safety wasn’t even on, maybe it was and the safety switched from on to off when the gun hits the floor, he lose his gun after this backflip, picks it up and looks like he accidental pull the trigger and shot a man in the leg.

Here is the gun going off when he reached for the gun with his left hand and put his left hand on the gun:


I… I feel that has to be a training and protocol issue.


Agree, but nevertheless, things like this can happen, like it did with this FBI Agent, i’m pretty sure he have more training and was more used to guns than the norwegian police.


my favorite part of the video is when he walks away with a “party foul” shrug like he drank out the wrong cup or something.


“We wanted to check if she is ok.”
Breaks in at night with guns drawn


Fuck that for a game of soldiers. I dread to think what could have happened if she was actually home.

In other news, school shooting survivor and gun reform activist David Hogg was swatted.

Guns. Guns fucking everywhere when responding to anything.


Hm, maybe @Lazlow is right in been concerned about the legal system and law enforcement in the US after all?

The footage, captured by a security camera, shows an officer with the Montgomery County Police Department in Bethesda, Maryland, knocking on Manning’s door. When no one responds, the officer pops the lock, and three officers enter the home with their guns drawn, while a fourth points a Taser. The Intercept is publishing this video with Manning’s permission.

“This is what a police state looks like,” Manning said. “Guns drawn during a ‘wellness’ check.”

Welfare checks like this, usually prompted by calls placed to 911 by concerned friends or family, too often end with police harming — or even killing — the person they were dispatched to check on.

_Manning was out of the country at the time of the incident, said Janus Cassandra, a close friend who was on the phone with her that night. “If Chelsea had been home when these cops arrived with guns drawn, she would be dead.”

A bit worrying to say the least :open_mouth:.


I know not many of you may be into designer handbags, but reading about Kate Spade’s suicide hit me more than I thought it would. I have a few Kate Spade bags that I love, and it goes to show that you really don’t know much about somebody’s depression or their struggle with it until they’re gone.


Jeez,I’m so sick of this swatting shit as well! Remember when that man playing CoD (for a tournament I remember) was swatted by a kid who thought it was “badass” and gunned down by a SWAT member who,instead of following the protocol or assesting the situation,probably said “hehe,imma kill me some bad guys today”? I believe that he was also a father,but I am not too sure. I remember it made quite the “headline” around the net.
Bottom line is,swatting is an epidemic. In some cases it’s like sending your private mercs to harass (and sometimes maim) someone.


Seems like the work of thugs collecting a debt,not of enforcers of the law.


Yeah, the guy you mention was arrested and indicted for that. However, no charges were brought against the officer who pulled the trigger.


This is complete BS. He broke the protocol by open fire on sight,the fuck is he,a hitman?
Nowadays I’m starting to believe so…



Naaaw-I am only distrustful of the police cause I am black, listen to rap, didn’t have a father and am stuck on the democratic plantation. Not all cops-not all cops.

In other news…

The cops show up for a domestic dispute incident-see a random black dude in the hall way and the rest is history. Wrong place wrong time. He lucky they didn’t kill him after he was passed out on the floor.

I would have been dead in that situation I’ma keep it 100% funky with you.
As a child growing up I was physically abused, my father was/is a big dude I was taking full on closed fist punches. It was terror. I’m 30 something years old and it still effects me. I have and I will black out on anyone that touches my chest, or otherwise strikes me. I have 5 seconds to suppress or I’m exploding on you. My next move is always grabbing the throat. I will try and squeeze the life out of you.

So the first thing cops always wanna do is put hands on you or touch you in some way with intimidation. I don’t respond well to physically bulling. Unlike the young man in the video I would have instinctively fought back and they would have killed me and then the police apologist would have called me a thug that deserved it.

You know how dudes do that first “push off” on your chest to get you to react. Yeah that’s a bad move for me, so that’s like 50% of the reason I go out of my way to avoid cops. All they wanna do is fight and intimidate you into confrontation so they can kill you for paid leave.

(Fuller video)


Today marks 74 years since D-day and the allied invasion of Europe, Lest we forget.


Also, the Snowden Leaks happened 5 years ago this day. Better not forget that too, also because no consequences did follow.


Well I dunno, the law was changed… In America. And parts of Europe.

Here in the UK we just doubled down and made legal provisions for all the blatantly illegal shit that was being done, and nobody cared.


Yeah, the BND (german secret service) did all what they could illegaly. This was uncovered with Snowden. Reaction: Everything got legalized. The same government got reelected last year, the justice minister is now our foreign minister.

The most ironic thing is, the german government did not want to anger it’s friend USA. For nothing apparently, Trump is now the evil because of econimic reasons. Which proofs that (these two partys) care more for money than for the constitutional rights of it’s citizen. And the germans agreed on that.