General News Thread 2.0


The most depressingly accurate thing Snowden said when he was revealed as the source of the NSA leaks was the notion of “turnkey tyranny”. Once this kind of surveillance stops being a matter of policy and instead becomes one of law, there’s nothing that can be done to reasonably stop it. It doesn’t matter if you trust the Government today, because the one tomorrow may be willing cross the lines that today’s won’t.


The populistic partys could not find a better time to rise in the polls.


Or worse, depending on your outlook.


Another Snowden post, as the Director of GCHQ was quoted in The Guardian as saying this:

“What Edward Snowden did five years ago was illegal and compromised our ability to (keep the UK safe), causing real and unnecessary damage to the security of the UK and our allies. He should be accountable for that.”

Whenever these sorts of claims of “real and lasting damage” are made, they are never backed up by any evidence. In the five years since the leaks, not a single incident of anyone being harmed as a result of these disclosures has come to light - And that’s because there aren’t any.


Even if incidents like those do exist, it doesn’t matter because the public benefits of the Snowden leaks outweigh anything else that comes along with it imo.


Kim is about to learn how good it is to be Donald Trump’s new best friend:


Kim will snap when he tastes a little bit of em capitalism.


Kim Jong Un be kicking it Gangnam Style* with his new American friends once those big dollar deals are in his pocket.

*The term “Gangnam Style” is actually a colloquialism in South Korea for the fashion and lifestyle of “rich kids” who live in the upscale district of Gangnam.


Trump and Kim in Singapore right now:


imageThis is probably how the meeting is going to look.



Listen, we already went through this with John McCain. You don’t make comments like this and expect to have your asshole intact on the internet.


Wow what a complete and utter piece of shit.

Jeff Sessions said being a victim of domestic abuse or gang violence does not necessarily qualify for US asylum. America’s top law official said the “asylum statute is not a general hardship statute” and that immigrants were exploiting the system.

This heartless coward never should have been given any semblance of power. He was rightly rejected at an 80s confirmation hearing on account of him being too racist - What changed? He seems to have only got more callous.

Trump’s America in action. This is what happens when you’re a total buffon surrounded by callous hardliners.


So Sessions has so far acted like an entitled piece of shit, has not changed his racist tendencies, is fucking stupid, and lied at his confirmation. At some point, you have to think, “This guy is not fit to hold public office.”


The real reason why Trump and Kim Jong Un are meeting in less than an hour is to watch Sony’s conference together. :sweat_smile:


This sounds less like an economic threat and more like a declaration of fucking war. But, I can say this with confidence, I’d rather be economically punished than to have people ridicule me because I actually said “Covfefe” on Twitter.


I can’t remember where I read it and it’s too late for me to go internet searching right now, but wasn’t it said that President Trump wasn’t the one writing the tweets on the POTUS tweets, and that it was advisers or something?


I don’t believe that at all.


Trump though made a big concession agreeing to scale down, or totally cease, “war games” as a readiness exercise with Japan and South Korea.

It’s not clear yet what North Korea has given for such a big card.


Yeah well now that Trump has a new best friend, I guess he doesn’t care whether he treats his closest allies like complete shit. What a fucking asshole.