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that’s the problem with war.

You gotta dehumanize the other side till they aren’t even humans. Just another wild beast.


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Calling for an axis is a really poor choice of wording. :sweat_smile:


Not only is it a poor choice of wording, it might be the worst possible wording he could have used, other than of course, ‘Reich’.


but is he as bad as Seyss-Inquart :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Nationalism is poison.


Doesn’t “Reich” just mean empire? E.G., Second German Reich --> Second German Empire? I mean, it still wouldn’t be that great a wording, but still.

Excessive nationalism is poison. Every nation has nationalism/patriotism, it’s just pride in one’s nation. Too much of it causes Nazi-like individuals, though.


No, Reich actually means “Realm”, which is a horrible term to use.


The least patriotic thing you can be is a nationalist.


I would of thought you’d not be a fan of patriotism either @Quinn.


It is hard to be patriotic if you have to live in a police state.


I’m not, but at least I understand it. Nationalism is just cancerous.


So having values and pride is cancerous? No… This only becomes “cancerous” when people feel they have superiority over other countries.


That’s quite literally what nationalism is.




Wow, way to be disingenuous and crop out the expanded definition.

Besides, this is just Google. Read a political science journal or something.


Learned that patriotism: proud of your country
And nationalism: depreciate other nations


Yeah… as you can read…


I didn’t say nationalism can’t be a bad thing. Just not everyone takes it to that degree… come on, Quinn…


Nationalism as a political ideology is cancerous bullshit. That’s what is being talked about here. You’re acting like I’m taking a shit on people who hang up a flag or something.

People who hang up flags or stand up for the national anthem or whatever are not (necessarily) nationalists. People like Donald Trump are nationalists.

Context is important


Okay, fair enough. But you did not mention it like that earlier. Context is important. I understand what you’re trying to say now.

Btw, I do read…

You don’t have to be so sarcastic in the future just because I misunderstood your post… my bad…