General News Thread 2.0


We are obliged to stand for the national anthem in my school every day.


President Donald Trump issues directive creating the American Space Force!

This shit just got real, folks!


I worry that they will turn weed into a “wonder drug” that is supposed to fix any and everything. The drug will go from taboo to tobacco in a few short years and everybody will have some THC infused something to sell.

I been smoking weed for more than 10 years.I never got aroused when high matter of fact marijuana to me was like an anti Viagra pill. I was too focused or lost in thought to be aroused. Besides ejaculation burns your high.

Of course everyone is different and all that so my story is not the norm, just saying it’s funny that they say weed is supposed to do something that it has never done for me before in a decade. But I guess it has some truth to it, since refeer madness is supposed to make white women lose and susceptible to black sex.

Watch they gonna be giving out weed pills for VD weed pills to make your pussy wet, weed pills for your fever. Weed pills for your bad breath.

I dunno…I just don’t know. I’m worried.


With the EU copyright guideline around the corner I looked deeper into the news of copyright related things in the Internet. Found this from yesterday:


  1. Be Blender, a free very well known 3D application
  2. upload videos on youtube (for 10 years with ~200k subs)
  3. Get all videos blocked worldwide because “contains stuff from blender, blah”
  4. Write to Google
  5. “Oh we are sorry, let us work on a solution”
  6. Solution: sign this monetarization contract, have a nice day

WTF talking about blackmailing. The channel of the MIT seems to have the same problem.


Friendly reminder that Trump is a complete and utter scumbag liar


Come on. That’s being way too nice to him.


"America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!"

Officials said the man was seen outside of the vehicle holding a sign that read, “Release the OIG report,” while parked on the bridge near the Arizona-Nevada state line, DPS officials said

The sign was an apparent reference to findings issued this week by the Office of the Inspector General involving former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of an investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2016.

Reminds me of the Pizza Gate conspiracy. This smells like the start of a national trend.

The report had already been released BEFORE the man pulled this stunt.


Quitting the Human Rights Council because you’re upset when other nations criticise your abuse of undocumented immigrants.

America, the beautiful…


I’m not surprised, considering the U.S.-Saudi alliance.


I’m sorry if this comes off a bit harsh, but these people are bringing this upon themselves. If you knew that trying to come to the US illegally could result in you being separated from your children, why would you risk it? Why would a parent put their kid in that predicament?

If you want to come to the US, fine. We welcome you with open arms. It’s not the fact that they want to come here, it’s the fact that they come here illegally.

Believe it or not, America isn’t perfect and we have our own problems too. For example homeless vets living in the streets, yet nobody seems to give a shit about that… actual citizens are suffering here, yet we should just look the other cheek as people come in illegally?

Look…I feel for the kids, I truly do. I wouldn’t want to be separated from my kids. However, I also wouldn’t go somewhere illegally either. If I’d want to move somewhere and be a citizen there, I’d follow the proper procedures to do so, and they should be no different.

I will say, all that being said; I do disagree with how we’re handling this. If anything, they should all just be sent back (with their families) where they came from IF they try to come in illegally.


Because they don’t want to be killed by fucking gangs in their home countries? Is that a good enough reason? This shit is really just indefensible. We should be learning from Guantanamo not to imprison people in fucking camps like this.


Yes that is absolutely a good reason! But they don’t have to come here illegally to do it? Go through the proper channels to come here. It can be done. There are places they can safely be until that time if they were to come forward instead of trying to sneak in.

@SeanBernowicz so what do you suggest? Just let them come here illegally no questions asked?


Are people in Saudi Arabia who get their hands cut off for stealing “bringing it upon themselves”? Or is the law far too heavy handed? Pretty sure the answer is easily agreeable.

This is exactly what the Trump administration is hoping for. If they make the punishment so draconian and so clearly immoral, they’re hoping it will discourage people from coming across the border. The sheer number of people detained so far since the change in the law proves that it won’t. Just as the death penalty does not deter violent crime, separating children from their families for an indeterminant, indefinite amount of time will not stop desperate people who want to

No you fucking don’t lmao

Yeah, you wouldn’t - Because you’re where you want to be right now. You don’t need to seek asylum.

There’s no justifying the US policy on this, it’s getting really scary.


I have been close friends with alot of folks who became American citizens. My wife is one. All I can say to what you are saying is that the process to become legal in the United States is long, expensive and confusing and some folks are in situations in which they cannot afford either the time or the money to get through the bureaucratic proccess.

I see both sides I think but we set ourselves up as a super Christian city on a hill sanctuary. Our immigration laws should reflect that. IMO they don’t.

But I hear you, amen on those vets. That’s another long rant.


I mean, if you care about the homeless veterans, cool. But people seem to love using them as a political football to batter immigrants with, whilst doing nothing to help them.


Well how you describe the US (a place you don’t even live yet know so much about) making it out to be this horrible place, why would they want to come here then anyway? There are other places they can go.

…Is stealing bringing it upon themselves? Yes.
Is having their hands cut off for doing so acceptable? Of course not.

There is no winning side to this argument. So you suggest we just let them all come here illegally and never become a citizen? Do I got that right, is that what you’re saying??


Oh… I DO help them Quinny… I volunteer at homeless shelters pretty regularly when I can. I also donated money to WWP (wounded warrior project) granted it wasn’t a lot, but it was still something. So yeah, you don’t speak for everyone here I’m afraid.


You have to live in the US to understand US politics?

exactly, it’s not an acceptable punishment, so why dismiss it because “they brought it upon themselves”?


What people don’t seem to understand is that these are human lives we are talking about here. Someone is not inferior to you just because they came in illegally. Yet your government treats them like dogs; this is the same shit that was going on in Abu Graib and Guantanamo Bay; yet we don’t stop to think at some point, “What the fuck is wrong with these people?” Because nobody should be kept in a cage. The U.S. government could, as a start, give at least some protection to these people who will actually die if they go back to their country. This is a serious topic, but the man responsible for dealing with it is not qualified in the slightest.


unfortunately many of the men and women responsible for dealing with things in the US right now aren’t qualified in the slightest