General News Thread 2.0


No you don’t. But hearing about the US on tv and actually living here; Seeing what’s really going on is a different story.

And I’m not dismissing anything. You’re dismissing them being criminals by coming here illegally. By your logic, just come here no questions asked.

How many that come here illegally actually LATER become to be an actual citizen? If they came here out of fear, okay. But what’s stopping them to be citizens after they’re safe???


you assume that anybody outside of the US only knows about its politics because of what they see “on tv”, which just isn’t true

the US.


So what do you suggest???


First, stop treating them like dogs.

Second, give them protection so they don’t have to return to their country and be killed.

That should be easy enough.



But little scenario here. Say I feared for my life and wanted to sneak into another country. What would happen to me if I were caught? Probably the same, if not far worse since I’m an “evil” American…


I shouldn’t even have to justify this. For a start, the USA is still a huge, influential country with significant global reach. The UK Government is also heavily invested in what happens in America, especially where Foreign Policy is concerned. I am not sure why being educated on a society that is not your own is a bad thing. Care to explain?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the USA. I had an American partner for 7 years and usually spent about 3-6 months a year over there with her. I had a lot invested in the USA, learned a lot about the political and cultural climate and my long term plan was to become an expat. I guess one of the few positives of splitting up from her is that I no longer had to, I suppose.

No, you haven’t got it right. I haven’t even told you my position of immigration. I’m saying that it is immoral and a breach of international human rights law to separate children from the rest of their families as some kind of twisted retribution for something as trivial as crossing a border.

If it doesn’t apply to you, then it isn’t about you.


That depends. Where are you sneaking to?

Most countries in the West adhere to international law and offer the right to asylum as a Universal human right. The USA has recently been sending people away who approach the border to ask to claim asylum.

Apparently pointing out that this is a breach of international human rights law is “biased” and the USA has shat itself in protest by pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council.


Hope Sep brought a hidden gun so he can kill this vampire piece of shit who attacked my people.


The EU Legal Affairs Committee voted for uploadfilters and linktax today. This means the whole thing will go to the EU Parlament at the end of this year. Contact all your national parties who are sitting there to reject it. Ideally multiple times until then.


Hey, remember when King Herod tried to kill all the babies and then Mary and Joseph and little baby Jesus had to escape to another country illegally? They probably should have just obeyed the law.


And since Jeff Sessions absolutely loves bringing out the Bible to justify the shitty things he does, he really shouldn’t be too concerned about this.


Yesterday dude was like “You have to separate the families”, today he relented.

He said he had been swayed by pictures of children who have been taken from parents while they are jailed and prosecuted for illegal border-crossing.

I wonder where he saw these images. His favourite show, Fox and Friends, have been pathetically rimming him over this and downplaying just how awful a situation it has been. Just watch those partisan hacks U turn and call this the right decision.


He listens to the people :heart: lol


Peut-être il était un peu trop stricte; mais, encore, il est mieux que fils de pute Marine Le Pen du Front National.


I saw that video. I don’t see what was wrong with what the President did. He was right. That man is the President of the kid’s nation, he aint a homie or his buddy. Call him sir or president.

Even the young woman who cursed President Trump yesterday in congress said “Mr. President” first.


So according to this… one of the best football teams in the world is actually named… ‘Police Machine’?

Ironically, this event follows a claim from the boss of ‘Police Machine’ that after a re-engineering effort, his team is prepared to “take the football scene by storm”.


“A South Dakota jury gave the death penalty to a gay man because some members of the jury thought life in prison without parole would be fun for Mr. Rhines [as a gay man]. So they decided to sentence him to death. The Supreme Court has declined to hear the case.”

What the-


I guess they were worried about him being exposed to something like this:

That said… even with the gay issue coming into the picture… One can violate a gay man in prison due to the issue of consent. The issue of whether robbery with murder does by-the-letter validate a death sentence in Dakota though would be the final say.

Because if it does… then… well… regardless of bias it’s an allowed penalty.


Yo, they give prisoners free Air Force Ones? Arrest me now.


This is absolutely ridiculous, and a clear misuse of the death penalty (which shouldn’t even exist, but that’s a whole different story).