General News Thread 2.0


Ok, let’s analyse what is wrong with the people defending this right now.

Firstly, Laura, they are not “summer camps”; what summer camp did you guys on HMF go to that had razor wire, armed guards, and alarms?

Second, how can Jeff Sessions live with himself after joking about the fucking Holocaust? How dare he. He should visit Auschwitz-Birkenau one day and see the fucking horrors they committed there. His joke is in the article, because I’m not going to repeat it here. Read it.


Good to know that people will actually give a shit this time if Russia invaded the Baltic states again, instead of doing absolutely nothing.


This has to the exact opposite for me xD whenever i smoked ganja i got kinda excited but never tested the ejaculation theory.


I first learned about it on some forums, subject was how to go around high undetected by your parents.

Just hop in the shower and bust one real quick, back to normal.


Saudi Arabia lifts ban on female motorists:

Within hours, not only were women (legally) taking to the roads as drivers, a number of them even started work driving for ride-hailing services.


We’ll take our share of migrants when you stop electing genocidal deputy PMs.


Oh wow, Erdogan won the “election”. What a surprise.


Man freed from jail by mistake, is then sent back to jail by his own wife.

Warden: “You’re free to go! Get out of jail!”
James Rynerson (confused): “Oh? OK!”

Mrs. Rynerson: “What are you doing back here? You’re going straight back to jail!”
James Rynerson (confused): “Oh? OK!”



How do you confuse someone for another prisoner? Like, what are the odds that the prisoners are basically twins? Lol.


What happened was that another prisoner (whose sentence was near its end) was temporarily moved to James Rynerson’s cell due to renovation works. So someone updated the registry to place this person there.

Then somehow… when the renovation works ended, that guy’s name was left registered in Rynerson’s cell… as the ONLY prisoner in that cell. When the sentence for the other guy ended… the Wardens happily opened up Rynerson’s cell and supposedly told him he was a free man!

Rynerson has not commented yet on what his part is in all this, but it seems that the Justice System expected James Rynerson to refuse the Warden’s call to freedom, hence why he is facing charges for the “escape”.

It has been suggested however that Rynerson may have been genuinely confused thinking there was some kind of pardon that he wasn’t aware of.


Yeah, I’d give the guy a break. I’d be confused as well.


What are you talking about? Im not a supporter of this italian government but I don’t know about genocides committed in less then one month from its birth. Other countries MUST take a share of migrants. We and other coastal countries can’t take care of all of them. It’s too easy for other countries rejecting migrants. They don’t have to save people drowning in the sea. If they wants to be in EU they must take their responsibility and not to be egoistic. Too simple be inside to have only money. What I contest to Salvini is that he keeps to be ally of those governments, like hungarian one, who don’t want to take their share of people. It’s like to be friend of our worst enemy.


Yes, I do agree that the others do need to take their fair share. But these are still human lives, and the genocidal thing I said was in reference to the clip of him stating there should be a “cleanse, street by street.” But everything else, I mostly agree with. But populism is not the way to go.


Ok, now I agree. The thing I’m (not so much) surprised is the silence of the other party at the government. They were voted because they shoud in the squares they wanted a honest politics. Is this the honest politics? Only populism


Surprised it took so long.

One look at the picture and I knew it was fake-maybe cause I play video games I caught on faster…

Kinda torn about this-on one hand I hate it and on the other I don’t care enough.

Fake lifestyles, fake views, fake news, and fake people. Of course Robots and CGI is the future of advertisement. By 2030 the last human model will retire from the fashion industry.

The hunt is on for the most authentic synthetic vagina


Volkswagen makes history by shattering the overall record, fuel or electric, at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb by an astounding 16 seconds using an electric prototype.

The VW I.D.R. PP also became the first car in history to complete the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in less than 8 minutes.

What is notable is this observation from Arstechnica which proved prophetic:


It’s been known for a while that electric cars have superior performance over gasoline, or even ethanol, engines. Gas hybrids tho, lag behind quite badly.

Interesting note nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.


This man has made me uncomfortable whenever I eat an orange.

Also, this might be a “victory” for him, but we must remember the amount of times he had to change it so it would pass. So, in conclusion, he’s a racist fuck who is a failure to the earth.


Ok, so I have learned two things today.

  1. Donald Trump is the stupidest person on Earth.

  2. That makes me smarter than the president of the United States.

Ok asshole, you realise that the tariffs you started caused the EU to retaliate, which is now going to cause your companies to move production, right? This is the stupidest shit.


A someone who sees and participates in similar issues… I predict nothing bad will happen to Harley-Davidson. The remark about the Kansas City factory work going to Thailand is just hearsay… Or can be dismissed as hearsay.