General News Thread 2.0


The only bad thing that’s happened so far are the tariffs that Trump initiated.


This man finds new ways to shock me with his idiocy every single day.


If I understand Harley Davidson’s response it is that they have always had a factory in Thailand. They are closing the one in Kansas because they are going to open a new factory in Pennsylvania.

They also think that to avoid costs of excessive import/export it just makes sense to build the bikes closer to where you plan to sell them. So they build the Asian bound Harleys out of Thailand and build the US bound Harleys in America.

There is nothing there about the EU. :stuck_out_tongue:


It would make no sense if it is about the EU stuff because Trump aims to force free trade by these new taxes. So the taxes are planned to be temporary, and you dont build up a factory somewhere when the reason for it may be gone before the first day of production.


Oh, they’re going to talk about Ukraine, are they? Maybe they can talk about how Putin stole Crimea from them? Or maybe Trump’s going to continue to blow Vladimir and not give a fuck about Crimea.


Vladimir Putin is one of the only people I will say this about: “He has no soul, he is a horrible black-hearted demon, and I hope he is assassinated and someone shits in his grave.”


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy has announced his retirement. It’s up to Trump now to appoint his replacement.

Nek minnit:



“My fellow Americans, I hereby announce the appointment of Justice Kanye to replace Justice Kennedy. Will you say something, Justice West?”

Kanye: Poopy-di scoop


Unfortunately I am no longer surprised when this stuff happens; that does not mean I am accepting.


Revenge crime. Targetted Assassination.



That’s the face of a man trying to still have a reason to be spoken about.


This man clearly has issues…and should not have been allowed near a kitchen never mind a working firearm.


And yet he was…now please someone explain the good things of the 2nd amendment. Oh right, there’s almost none.


Hi everybody. Wow, lots of fucked up stuff happening in the U.S. lately, huh?

I’m not going to get too partisan but it seems like we’re in an extraordinary situation here and if you live in the U.S. and you’re worried about it, please be sure to GET INVOLVED in this year’s election.

I’m not asking you to vote because that goes without saying. This year, everyone who has a lick of decency or common sense needs to vote but they also need to go out of their comfort zone and do something to help the cause that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Nobody has to do a lot, but everybody has to do a little. If we all pull on the damn rope we can make it out of this!

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Reach out to people around you and make sure THEY vote. Follow up. Drive them to the polls if you have to. Do this for as many people as you can. You don’t even have to tell them who to vote for as long as you’re reasonably sure they’re not neo-Nazis.

  • Make sure the people around you are REGISTERED TO VOTE, especially if you’re young or know a lot of young people who might have turned 18 since the last election. The registration is a little complicated and varies state to state. Google it. In my state, it involves filling out a form and personally taking it to a local clerk’s office. The hardest part is figuring out where the clerk’s office is for each municipality.

  • This is the big one. Find a candidate you think is pushing things in the right direction, go to their web site, and volunteer. It’s easy and filling out the form commits you to nothing. You will be contacted by someone inviting you to organizational meetings or voter contact events. Often these are things like going door-to-door talking to people about the candidate (“canvassing”) or phone banking. I know this is HitmanForum, so if you have crippling social anxiety, that’s okay too. You don’t have to talk to people. Some campaigns are also TEXT-banking where you can send text messages to hundreds of voters through your web browser at home. Apart from voter contact, sometimes campaigns need support personnel for events, or help typing in data that the canvassers collect. It all helps and you don’t need to do a lot but if everyone can give just a couple hours before November it will make a big difference. If you’re nervous, intimidated, or feeling lazy about the idea right now, that will all fall away when you’re in a room of people who are all passionate about working towards the same goal. Some of them might be beautiful and eligible women.

  • If you have special talents, find a campaign that wants to take advantage of them. If you know how to make web sites, take photos, use Photoshop, or even manage a Facebook page, there is probably a local candidate that needs your help.

  • If you have more money than you have free time, go ahead and donate directly to the candidates and causes you’re most passionate about.

  • If you get in the groove of volunteering, recruit your friends and get them to volunteer too!

  • If all else fails, run for office yourself. It’s not too late to file for smaller local offices like school board and the like. You don’t have to be a great candidate as long as you’re marginally better than the person currently in the seat. Lucky for you, that person is probably an eighty-year-old asshole who doesn’t know how to use the Internet.

The general election is Tuesday, November 6 but your state might also have a primary election that you should get involved with as well. Let’s get to work. I’ll be out there too. If you need help or have questions about any of this or how you can help, don’t hesitate to PM me.


Maybe they need to make it so that your firearms licence is the equivalent of a black belt in martial arts.
So you can only get your licence after years of training and discipline.

The reason why there is a black belt is that it’s only given to the most disciplined and the most eligible practitioner of a “lethal art” who has to pass examinations observed by many officials of the art and is therefore trained and educated not to abuse his skill or knowledge or to use it for evil.

If you had to earn the rank to own a firearm I think we’d have less problems.


That’s hopeful man; but the NRA (National Renob Association) will undoubtedly cry a fucking river and get their panties in a fucking twist and tell the government (while simultaneously buying them off) “MS-13; Muslims; Democrats are evil (some of their favourite excuses). This is why we need them.” It’s too bad that nobody’s told them to fuck off like the hermit pricks they are.


I like guns as much as a lot of other people do. And I’d argue that controlling the licences would be a way to protect our rights to own weapons, not diminish them.

They would cease to be if we allow wackos to get whatever guns they want. It’s not unfeasible that one day a legitimate licenced gun owner finds himself in a firefight with a psycho who was granted the same licence.

That will be the day… and it will be too late.


A legitimate gun owner is just as dangerous as a “psycho”.


But only because it is the same thing at the moment.