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Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States.


Curb your presidency


Two unfortunate instances.


Austria’s chancellor Sebastian Kurz allied with the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs), a nationalist populist, and German nationalist party; this is also the guy who said a little while ago that he wants an anti-immigration bloc with Germany and Italy, perhaps the worst choices you could make. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s making friends with the Viségrad group, which includes the likes of Andrej Babiš and Viktor Órban.


It’s finally happened. This stupid naming dispute is over. Now hopefully this will mean Greece will stop hindering Macedonia’s accession to NATO and the EU.


I’m sorry (not really lol), but anyone who praises Órban should not be working in a high position; Hungary is an amazing country with a unique and rich culture, and Órban is making it look bad.


Sean first of all, let me just say my political bias/opinions makes me a guy who think Viktor Órban is doing the right thing with no mass immigration(I presume that is what you mean by “making Hungary look bad”), and this is mostly a comment that defends Hungary’s immigration policy.

Now here are the results of Hungarys election this year (2018)
Viktor’s party won 133 out of 199 seats in parlament (with a 70,22 % voter turnout), which makes what he does with immigration of the ones that the majority of all the voting Hungarians
So he does what the majority of all hungarians in the country that voted, with the controvisial immigration policy.


That’s not how he’s making Hungary look bad; that’s his choice (and I don’t agree with it but whatever); the real issue I have with him is his censoring of media, corruption, and Euroscepticism; he’s moving slowly towards Putin territory. That’s not good


Can you give some examples, so I can get a counter argument? Or atleast discribe what makes you think he does it


Hungarian newspaper doing very well for decades suddenly shut down; he also built a football stadium in his home city…for no reason. He’s also not a very likeable man; so unlikeable, some of the left in Hungary were considering supporting Jobbik, a literal neo-Nazi party, just to spite him.


Well can you give me some links?
Also yeah I can see something fishy with that stadium thing


Happy Fourth of July!


Shutting down of newspapers

Órban and football


What an idiot.


@SeanBernowicz Isn’t Venezuela in a bit of a mess at the moment with the dictatorship thingy? A sky news reporter got shot at by the motorcycle police.


Yes, but that’s not a justifiable reason to invade the country; invading will inevitably cause more civilian deaths, as a combination of war crimes from every side and collateral.


I didn’t say that did I. Where’s amnesty in all this? Where’s all the Human Rights bollocks clamping down on this? Looks like no one is doing anything while people are suffering. People in Venezuela and North Korea get treated like shit while the world watches. Sad times. I have no issue with special forces sorting it out though.


Of course you don’t lmao


British divers found the Thailand children in the flooded cave and they now have water and food. Nice job fellas.

AC130 is a bit too loud :joy:


Because the “governments” of those countries won’t let them do anything.