General News Thread 2.0


A DENATURALISATION task force? What the actual fuck? This is full blown Authoritarianism. Donald J. Drumpf should be sent to a NK prison. Jesus.


But what’s in Venezuela that would be so valuable?

Oh right…


But the kids are still in trouble…



People who complain about the way citizens are treated and then do nothing and complain about people who are trying to take action is pot calling the kettle. Them “governments” lost power the day they started killing people of their own country. Hitler started killing people, saying “we can’t do anything cause he said so, so we’ll watch and tut” isn’t an answer. We defeat evil by standing together and facing it head on.

If Trump said nuking the country, then yes that would be a stupid decision.

True, another monsoon is coming but I’m glad that we found them at least and are currently attempting to train them to dive and get them out ASAP.


But they won’t allow international aid organisations to do anything either; that’s what I’ve been saying the whole time.


Can’t they use big flexible tubes (I bet they exist in some industrial context) + corded ladder for this?


What’s the point in international aid if they actually don’t do anything because a rogue government says no? You would still take down a murderer even if he says not to lol because of the actions they committed. As soon as proven evidence of a rogue government mistreating its people, all power of that said government is irrelevant because the humane countries need to look out for the innocents in an outcry.


The cave tunnel, when viewed from the side is a “chain of jagged V’s” with pockets of water inside and tight jagged rocks. In the current condition you’d have to swim in there in pitch darkness with either wall of the cave in close proximity.

Very easy to panic. Takes 6 hours to traverse even if you know where you’re going.

There is no chimney through which a rope ladder can be used. They had been digging one (which would have to be 4 km’s deep!) but last contact with the kids claimed they could hear the sounds of dogs and chickens: meaning the possibility of another opening.

There are regular sorties now to train the kids to dive and they have 4 months worth of food while teams outside search for an alternate entrance.


I think the most straightforward solution is a lot of waterproof lights mounted on spikes to stick to the cave walls. If they can light up the cave, that is half the battle.

Better if they can be blinking ones in sequence so that it’s like you have objective markers leading to the exit.


Another solution could be that on the next diving sortie the divers tow a brightly colored cable or line that can then be fastened where the kids are. It doesn’t have to be thick or heavy but it has to be strong and like a bright yellow color or glow-in-the-dark or something. That way the kids can grab the line and follow it back to the exit after basic training.


I thought of this:

The ladder is to make it possible to get through the tube easier.


The problem is the limited space. Earlier they tried to bring a wired radio but the cable actually got damaged traversing the tight spaces.


This is what they need…

The product seems to be a recent invention. If anybody here is a resident of Canada perhaps can forward the Thai rescue story to CANADA ROPE AND TWINE.

They have no email address


Thai Rescue Team suffers fatality in the caves. Command Center propped up 2 kms deep in the Cave.


Rock Climbing and Mountaineering team from Russia, Thailand, and the Philippines search for alternate entrance to rescue Thai soccer kids.

Let’s hope they’ve done it.


Made me smile.


Can we do the right thing and just deport him into space?


Or deport his face into a giant fist. That’ll work too.


We already tried that, all that happened was people felt bad for him being punched.