General News Thread 2.0


The next European Parliament polls in May will include a 2% hurdle. Meaning if you vote a party which is not getting 2+%, your vote was for the trash.

Ironically, the German foreign minister (who I personally hate for all the shit he did as a justice minister) sold this with the words “Great success, every vote counts!”

The government twittered his words under #EuropeUnited. Weirdly I find no article reporting this.


Trump is having a 2 day visit to the UK next week. Here’s what’s being planned.


I also would’ve accepted Trump Pig balloons.


I’ve probably never said this, but the amount of anti-Welsh bigotry I’ve seen in the UK persisting to this day is fucking disgusting. Not only is this pushing a nationalist agenda, it’s a literal fucking crime. And BBC supported it on Twitter.


Why is no Welsh national symbol represented in Union Jack to begin with?


Because they probably forgot, to be completely honest.


Ok, disregard my previous post. The current Welsh flag was only adopted in 1959, and England and Wales were combined since the 13th century and were using the St. George’s Cross as their flag, so technically, it makes sense.

But now I ask, why can’t the Union Jack be changed to add a Welsh symbol? Who wouldn’t want a fucking dragon on their flag?


I don’t know. In fact, I don’t even know why Ireland is represented as 4 red diagonal stripes. I thought their flag used to be a harp or something like that. Not even North Ireland uses those diagonal red stripes.


The flag of Ireland is Green, White and Orange in vertical stripes. Norther Ireland officially uses the Union Jack I believe, via Saint Patrick’s Saltire (The diagonal red crosses etc)


It’s the Saltire. Pretty sure it’s an unofficial flag of NI.



I really want to say that Putin’s not stupid enough to conduct an attack on NATO soil, but then again, Crimea.


He’s angry at the World Cup.

On a serious note, Theresa May seems to believe it’s Russia as they make it. But that doesn’t mean they used it. For all we know they could have a rogue KGB agent steal and sell some to terrorists. Putin won’t admit to the KGB having rogue agents.


Or it could’ve been a random case of contamination; the poisoning of the former spy was quite messy.


If it was Russia. One secret service after the other admitted to have owned this stuff at some point. Would not wonder it is on the black market.


Let’s not joke around; who else would do something this aggressive and openly stupid?


Everyone is pointing on Russia. If it was someone else, this someone is safe.

As a side note, there were alot of hacking attacks in Europe and US. I dont remember many cases, but in Germany the state police said it was Russia. One year later it said there is no actual evidence it is Russia.

Trying to do some hits and hacks and make it look like it is someone else might be only tests how far one can go.

I dont believe that more than it being actually Russia, but we lowered our standards of required evidence quite alot. Which is not a good thing.


Also the fact that the first person targeted (Sergei Skripal) was a former member of the Russian Intelligence Services who was a Double Agent for the UK. And it’s not the first time Russia would have tried to kill defectors on British soil either - Remember Alexander Litvinenko?


It’s not like Putin’s helping himself by laughing off accusations.


I wouldn’t if I was him either. Surely Russia has a lot bad stuff hidden in their labs. Opening them for neutral experts may harm more than getting rid of the accustations.

Also, it is hard to proof the non-existance of something. Even after experts-visits the western world can say “Russia surely has one more hidden lab!”