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Trump and Merkel have had a meeting for the first time.

No, he didn’t say that, he don’t believe the Apache helicopter part and neither do i, no one here have said it never happend, they was shot at with a light weapon, killed and wounded, nobody here have said that is bullshit.


Yeah I saw that also the Irish PM met him as well today and made sure to remind Trump that St Patrick was an immigrant. Trump looked uncomfortable during that speech :smiley:

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We’ll have to wait and see I suppose. :slight_smile:

I think they are going to talk about this and of course other things:

GERMANY could file a lawsuit against Donald Trump’s proposed border tax on cars, a German minister has claimed just hours before Angela Merkel meets Donald Trump.

So Trump blew up a mosque…


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Refugees made few days ago a Protest camp to city where i live:

Looks like Occupy. Which country is that?

His profile says he lives in Finland.

Finland and in City Called Oulu

One day in and 2/3 of the posts are removed and you need to hop in to point out the rules. Hmm, this does not bode well. Me thinks you will be in here a lot Jarb. Good luck.


There was an attack at the Paris-Orly airport. Some guy tried to steal a weapon from a soldier, and was shot to death immediately. Police sources say it was a ‘radicalised Muslim’.

Edit: It looks like everyone was in massive luck. He screamed he wanted to die for Allah and he threw a bag with gasoline on the floor. It didn’t start a fire, but that was the intention. Kudos to the brave soldiers!


Yeah, right. (Not sarcastic)


I’m glad they defused a situation that could’ve turned into another tragedy.


Hopefully that can happen in this thread too if everyone flags and ignores obviously inflammatory comments.


A radicalised muslim, it’s a big difference between a normal muslim and a radicalised muslim, you can’t judge all muslims for what a group muslims does, that goes for all ethnic groups.


A more staggering factor is just how many of the (ridiculously large) number of mass shootings in the USA are committed by men. Yet nobody wants to have that conversation.


Thankfully most of this lone wolf terrorist get caught before they can do anything or only get themselves killed. Part of me hopes that this will discourage others.


You’re right. The gender gap among mass shooters needs to be closed. Until more women commit gun massacres relative to men, we can never have true equality.