General News Thread 2.0


Well he should have some political experience to become a politician, don’t you think?


Well you can’t say he has no experience at solving conflicts.


Well now that I think about it, he’s basically a politician (solves most of his problems with violence)


That would look good on his campaign poster. “Knoxx 2020, Vote for me or I’ll drone your house”


Local mayor breaks Global Warming with bare hands.


Don’t be such a sealion. Pretty sure anyone with a pair of working eyes can take a look at this and realize it is barmy.


Tennessee mayer destroys all nuclear weapons with bare hands


He doesn’t really solve them though, someone else tells him how it’s going to go down and he plays along

(So he’s already primed up for being a Politician I guess, hueh)


Why, because his “character” he played on TV? lol I’m not saying this will for certain turn out great, but how about give the guy a chance before you start bashing on him?


No, he’s a miltimillionaire with delusions of grandeur. It’ll be a shitshow.


More than likely you’re correct… All I’m saying is shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, is all.


…or by the mask in this case.




The Democrats are a centre right wing party and the Republicans are an Apocalyptic Deathcult, so at least he picked the most appropriate team to bat for


he needs to boost his ego


Just a reminder that the President of the United States is mentally deranged, or just doesn’t give a shit.


hopefully you’re this open-minded when kanye becomes prez :ok_hand:


I hope he got AIDS from the shit flung at him

Honestly, what a fucking cunt. No, it’s not Guantanamo Bay you fucking crackhead! Were you fucking waterboarded? Were you beaten the fuck out of? No? Well go fuck yourself you racist piece of dogshit!


imagine unironically being tommy robinson lmaooooooooo


Europe has survived and will continue to do just that, despite what far-right cretins say.