General News Thread 2.0


Would not be that sure about that. If the countries at the Mediterranean decide to stop everything because they dont recieve enough help by the EU and vote right wing parties into their governments, everything can turn bad real fast. Right wing parties will only grow stronger the more the people believe they are alone. It is important now to distribute refugees in Europe in a fair way.

Also I fear the “right” and the “practical” solutions were never that far from each other like today.


He’s saying Europe will “go to hell”, which is a complete farce and is only going to succeed in stirring up enough fear in the populace for the far-right to gain power. He’s giving nationalism a backstage pass


As long as he would have what it takes to get the ‘actual’ job done, then sure… :+1:


A man who said slavery was a choice will never be able to get the job done.


Oh he really said that? I truly was not aware of that. In that case, fuck no!


pretty sure he was trying to stir up controversy and encourage free-thinking, I really doubt he believes that considering he’s pretty intelligent

(still was dumb af to say it though)


Have you listened to him recently? He actually seems to have done a lot of homework and has been planning this transition for a long time.

You just never know what second (or even third) careers people can excel in.
I say we give Mayor Jacobs a shot.


Well… allow me to explain…

This issue by the way boiled over in the court case “Peter Jackson v. New Line Cinema” where director Peter Jackson discovered to his horror that his profit-sharing deal with New Line for the three LOTR films actually landed him at a grand total of $0.00 because somehow the accountants at the studios found a way to make it look like the three LOTR films combined “did not make any profit”.

They settled, and Jackson went on to make THE HOBBIT. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, he did manage to troll every single on e of his fans to listen to his single Lift Yourself.


lift yourself is straight fire


Very interesting interview. I can’t help but notice how the interviewer though, seemed to go out of her way near the end to attempt to make a mockery out of Jacobs.

I mean, yes lady… we know he was a wrestler and did “piledrivers” and what not… that doesn’t mean he will fail at this. I don’t know, perhaps I’m just looking too much into the impression she gave off. But it sure seemed that way.

Anyway, Jacob’s really does come off as an all around nice guy in the clip here and it genuinely seems like he really does care and is willing to go about this seriously.

I don’t know for certain how this will pan out, but I can honestly say it looks as though he has more “drive” than most that I’ve seen that held the position before him.

Like I said before, you can’t judge a book by its cover (or mask lol) I personally can’t wait to see how this turns out. Maybe he can come up with a financial plan that will “chokeslam” the taxes lmao


Apparently, it’s not easy to make LeBron look smart.

Well, it’s certainly easy to make Donald look like an idiot.


Please tell me all about the former mayors of Knox County and how they’ve all lacked “drive”.


I think this is the exact moment when Rudy Giuliani lost his mind.

Either that or when he forgot that the September 11th attacks even fucking happened.


Oh no, what a fucking tragedy! I’m sending my best thoughts and prayers!


Combating terrorism 101 - Cut off their funding.


The NRA may also be seeing reduction in member numbers? With the lax enforcement of gun ownership and procurement rules, and with the number of gun owners already carrying with the intent to break the law, what is the incentive for anyone to keep joining the NRA?

Seems gun owners can occasionally just make up their own rules. Would deter their lifestyle to be involved with an association.


I meant Mayors in general… he just seems (in the video) like he genuinely cares and is open to advice and is willing to take this position seriously.


Maybe he should’ve been the president then.


Well, it’s Tennessee, after all. I’m sure a guy who was dropped on his head for a living would fit in quite well as the mayor.