General News Thread 2.0


He’s not a minority so Quinn doesn’t have to give him any benefit of doubt.


I know, the double standard is sad.


Let’s move this to another discussion so we don’t get the “time-out” from the mods. I’d do it myself but I don’t know how. You could title it “Abortion”, cause I really wanna know why you have such a case of hemorrhoids over it.


^^^^ This is why the thread keeps getting locked. I’m Out!


Heh. Well can you seriously argue that Jacobs would probably make a better President than Trump?


Yes. This text will be blurred


Hmm… interesting


My fucking dog could make a better president than the clown in office currently. My dog is dead by the way.


What the fuck.

(there’s also a lot of first-hand accounts on reddit. scary stuff.)

Best thing to do as an outsider is just spread the word. Their gov’t. is shutting down Internet access and trying to keep it contained. Facebook and YouTube videos are getting removed.


Well I’m very sorry to hear about your dog, but I think that’s a bit of an over exaggeration there tbh. I mean if you truly feel that way, surely you would prefer Jacobs over Trump as President is all I was trying to get at. But okay.


Literally anyone is better than Trump. He’s garbage. He’s useless. He’s a malicious, cryptofascist scumbag whose evil machinations are outmatched only by his sheer incompetence.

He puts children in cages for fucks sake. Seans dog wouldn’t put people in cages. Fuck Trump and all of his idiotic apologists.


So yes, the Big Red Machine is better than the Big Orange Twat. But the age of looking to celebrities for salvation is over. Trump was not the saviour people expected, nor will this Wrestler guy be.


Assassins attempt to kill Venezuelan President with “Terminator” Drones.


Fuck Steven Seagal.

Also, anyone denying collusion at this post must be blind


Well just to be clear, I never thought of Trump as a “savior” I never really thought much of him at all tbh, but alright fair enough. However…you, me, nobody knows what the future holds for Jacobs… YET.

So while you can most certainly have your opinions about Trump, you really can’t say much about Jacobs right now. I mean, the guy didn’t even make a move yet.

Right now, you are solely judging him by his “character” that he played on TV and are immediately expecting the worst of him because of that fact alone. I thought you of all people wouldn’t be so quick to judge a person based on their appearance.


Well Obama did it first, Trump just kept it


That’s not a fucking excuse to keep doing it! Going “Duh well Uhbama did it first” sounds like justification. End it.

And I don’t recall @Quinn ever claiming that Obama didn’t put kids in cages? Do you?


To all my Texans on the forum: please help Beto O’Rourke defeat Ted Cruz.


Let’s compare Donald Trump with LeBron James

LeBron: Created a school for kids.

Donald: Locks kids in dog cages.

LeBron: is not a nationalist racist.

Donald: is.


When the fuck did I do this?!!?!?