General News Thread 2.0


Well, Quinn you called Trump an “orange twat” so you clearly “judged” the poor guy on his appearance!

I don’t disagree, I definitely wouldn’t trust someone with such small hands. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was more of, why don’t you hate Obama for doing it, or even bringing it up that Obama did it too


Ok so tell me, other than Jacobs’ character he played on TV, what is the other reason you feel so strongly that he will fail, when he didn’t even begin??


The demonstrable track record of celebrities running for office is, frankly, not great. Sure, he’s not campaigned too much on dumb platitudes about “chokeslamming the tax man” or something but that’s hardly a reason to be optimistic.

Anyway, you aren’t making his case very well. Your argument is literally that he’s done nothing so far, so to say anything critical of him is “premature”. Tell me what there is to be optimistic about.

Also, none of this is anything to do with “how he looks” so I’d appreciate if I’d you’d stop disingenuously trying to claim it is.


Quinn so you are saying that? Celebarty’s running a office usually isn’t good. Implying that they can be good, or decent at that job


Speaking of celebrities in high profile positions…


Okay, what would you call that then?? ^^^

Just because the track record of “some” celebrities running for office is not great, does not mean that Glenn will necessarily fall into that category.

Like it or not, you’re jumping to “premature” conclusions on Jacobs because the bizarre character he played on TV and just because he’s a celebrity and you immediately dismiss him on that alone. That’s not really fair coming from someone who believes in equity

You’re closing the pool before he even has a chance to swim.


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Fuck the character he played on TV. I don’t care what his character was like. He’s a Wrestler. Celebrities often run for political office because they’ve got delusions of their own grandeur and an inflated sense of self importance. But do you want to know the real reason I “dismiss” him? He’s a Republican. That’s as good a reason as any. Anyone with a shred of decency wouldn’t run on that ticket in this day and age.


Also, how do you feel about Steven Seagal as a Russian envoy? Should we “wait and see” how that goes, or can we laugh at how obscenely stupid it is?


Hooray for Racist memes from 2006


Yeah, I figured that was the only reason.


It’s not the only reason, but it is a pretty big one.

Fuck that religious deathcult.


So you’re saying literally every single Republican is bad? Every single soul :ok_hand:


If you’re running on their ticket, you’re surely aware of the Party line and how disgusting, xenophobic and anti-human it is. You’d think Trump would ward off people from voting for celebrities but I guess not.

That said, the Democratic Party is shit too. The spectrum of political discourse in the USA is so ridiculously narrow. You’ve got a choice between a right wing party (the Democrats) and an Apocalyptic Deathcult (Republicans). Something’s gotta give.


I never claimed that. I’m actually Independent, for the very reasons you gave. However, I was just trying to say that (while both sides are shit) I’m sure there are very very few form both sides that do have good intentions.


I was referring to Glenn Jacobs, who ran as a Republican on their ticket.


Because Obama’s actually done some good instead of being a lazy racist cunt who just hurts the country.


Can you please add to that statement with some prof, so my I think Obama wasn’t a good president bubble can be burst


Affordable Care Act which your oh-so precious Donald Trump hates. Have I made your far-right hard on flaccid yet?

And he’s also automatically better than the man who calls people “fake news”, refuses to condemn white nationalists, makes rape jokes, used Twitter to attack people, refuses to release children from cages, lies, colludes with Vladimir Putin, and calls the press enemy of the people. If you still support him, fuck off.