General News Thread 2.0


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I see people say this a lot about Trump. I’m not saying he did or didn’t, I sincerely do not know as I never heard it for myself. (That’s extremely disturbing if he did) But Do you have a video of him actually doing this?


Google is your friend


Welp… that is some crazy shit…


If this is shocking to you, then you need to start paying attention.


No, it’s not ‘shocking’ to me… I mean I never put it passed him, I just personally never saw what you posted. It’s just how he worded everything is what is disturbing…


Finally! Fuck Alex Jones.


Just, read the fucking comments on the video, it makes me literally, physically fucking sick!
Little kids died that day, that wanted to have a wonderful life, and he & his shitty fanbase just say it’s all fake. ‘‘A conspiracy’’, Tell that to innocent families that were ruined that day Alex!


God damn this is tragic…

In my opinion, the shooter should be held responsible for the woman’s death, as this would have never happened if he didn’t fire at Police. But more than likely, the Officer will probably lose his job (as if he probably don’t feel shitty enough.)



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As he should, doesn’t matter who started it, it’s his job NOT to shoot and kill civilians. So what if he feels bad? I’m sure the victim’s family feels pretty shitty too.


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Yeah it kind of does matter who started it. The piece of shit that shot at police should be held responsible for the murder.


uh… no? that’s not how things work, typically if you don’t commit a crime you aren’t charged for it


But that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for him…

So, the Cop should lose his job and arrested for the murder? Is that what you’re suggesting?

No. If the cop loses his job then that piece of shit should be held responsible for that murder to some degree…


the officer killed a hostage.

in what fucking world should he be let off with a slap on the wrist? or is that too harsh for him considering how bad he must feel?


Cause and effect…

There are different degrees of murder. Yes the shooter may not have “pulled the trigger” but how do you not understand that this would have not happened if it weren’t for this shit head??


I have my NordVPN subscription but usually keep it in Europe for convenience sake. Pretty ridiculous

What about the situation where the guy who called a SWAT team on someone, and the cop killed the guy as he answered the door - Who is responsible?


lol @ putting words in my mouth

OF COURSE the criminal is at fault. OF COURSE he should be charged for his crimes. that doesn’t mean that the officer shouldn’t lose his job – he should.

frankly I’m tired of police not being culpable because “the criminal started it”.


@Quinn that was a different situation entirely. In that scenario the Officer had the “opportunity” to NOT shoot on site and try to apprehend the man…

This however, was a freak accident by a stray bullet.