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US Cops are shockingly bad at deescalation. They lack the training, the temperament and the oversight to to deal with these kind of situations effectively in a resolute way that minimizes risk of injury or death to the perpetrators, bystanders or themselves (but usually the former two as the Police seem to shoot first and ask questions later). Every single shooting like this should be a wake up call, one that is big enough to trigger a nationwide re-evaluation of police training and recruiting methods, but nothing ever happens - Partly because Officers are so rarely held responsible.


And I’m tired of (not in this situation) Police getting bashed instead of the criminal. Again not in this situation, particularly. But others where a person shoots at police and the police fire back and kill the shooter, they still take the heat… really??

I’m not saying all cops are good, but that’s not the issuewith this particular story here


What about when the Police are the criminals, and they get away with murder?

“Police” and “Criminal” are not mutually exclusive things.


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Actually @Quinn with this story, it was said that Police would have to go through more rigorous training upon being part of the force. Granted I don’t know how much truth that holds, but I do remember that being said when the story was live on news, I’ll try to find it…


Yes Quinn, as I said before. I understand not all cops are good. I get that. Sometimes they are the ones at fault


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Well for my part, some optimism over Glen Jacobs coming from me is due to how he answers questions, particularly some that appear to have caught him off-guard and with which he provided answers that I felt could not be fed to him by his handlers.

My initial reaction to hearing him running for Mayor was also one of ridicule. But then after listening to him and some of his platform elements, I stopped laughing.

Of course, you never know how these things turn out. But the track record of others is the track record of others when put against what I feel I can evaluate directly. His lack of actual experience can yet ruin everything. But I feel like he has earned his shot by winning the vote and giving what I feel are reasonable answers to questions.


No concrete examples here - Just “I stopped laughing when I heard him talk”.

Why? What did he say that was so good or so enticing?


I’m not campaigning for Jacobs, and I don’t plan to start.

For starters, however, when asked about his “political leanings” he takes time to think then says that he considers himself a “Conservative but with Liberal Leanings”. It’s not a stock answer. And he explains a bit further.

He also mentioned focusing on not just formal education but that he is working on ways to somehow reach children who are not in formal education. Both times he focused on what he felt was a link between the education system, employment, and local business growth.

He’s not choosing to attack whichever group of people majority of Tennessee may not like. He’s not talking about stuff that sounds unattainable.

It’s things like that which stood out for me.


Smh. Most of you are living in a country where the leader does not even know how the fucking legal system works! No Donald, gaining dirt on a political opponent is not legal, although thank you for confessing to your crime publicly you fool.

Also I had to share this to all of you, Sacha Baron Cohen is amazing.


Spoilers of the skit below.

My favourite parts would have to be “I have over 43 guns”
“You have 43 guns ?”
“Oh yes, I have been collecting them for the upcoming race war” and that part where Sheriff Joe explains gun laws to a cartoon plastic donut. The US is truly blessed by this genius sage of a man.


Okay, this thread is devolving into “fuck this guy” and “he’s an idiot” posts.
I don’t care what your opinion is, but keep it constructive — as all this does is degrade the discourse and adds little of value for others to engage in.


Was this a crypto-jab at me?


it probably cryptowasn’t but you never know


Please don’t hurt me! :sob:


Why are you guys being so cryptic?


Tales from the CryptoKeeper


Not sure where to post this. It is a video, but it is not funny, it is sad. And makes me angry.

Cloudflare is getting worse and worse. Using a VPN? Want to buy the current Humbe Bundle? Have fun solving at least four captchas with multiple levels.

video describtion:

This is from ONE try at humble bundle. I call that: Creative harassment. Why does google think I am behind a VPN? Outdated IP lists. first captcha: Login. second captcha: Verify Email. third: Actually getting the bundle fourth: payment method (which fails, of course). fifth: Contacting their support since the credit card payment method fails. (Paypal worked)


He said he identified as a “liberty-leaning conservative.”


That’s an even more unique answer! lol But my point is, Mr. Jacobs appears to have put a lot of thought into this and has formed up his position. That is, to me, a good sign. It is not a stamp of quality or a reason to assume he’s going to do a good job. It’s always a different phase after someone wins an election.

I know of some elected officials who privately felt “defeated by the system” after they won office. So, a lot can happen. But early signs for Mayor Jacobs are positive in my book.