General News Thread 2.0


Good thing, i can tell


As I mentioned before… Trump is using elements that come straight out of the “tough billionaire businessman’s playbook”

You have this:

Followed by this:

Just like all of Trump’s other “bold moves”, the only purpose of these swings is to make the other party come to him to talk.

Then you get something dramatic in the other direction (eg: Cancelling of Military Exercises with SoKor). But to a guy like Trump, Iran Sanctions, Military Exercises, Putting Kids in Cages, they are ALL the same thing. They are just cards for him to play with.

I’m not saying Trump is doing a good job, but he seems to be the only US President willing to stare down Iran and NoKor and actually get them to talk to him. NATO allies claimed they always planned to increase NATO military spending, but it was only really highlighted because Trump threw down another one of his cards at the last NATO meeting.

Sources also indicate that it is also an issue Putin has with Trump. Unlike other Heads of State, you never know what Trump is going to give you, and when he gives you something you know he is as likely to take it back - even if you’ve made him sign off on it.

What good or bad will come from his approach is yet to be seen over the course of his term. You can argue that one day Trump will meet his match and we’ll have two guys “throwing down” until we are all vaporized.

But so far, everybody has reacted with: “We will talk right now.” which is exactly what people like Trump calculate when they do stuff like this.


Both those nations have been “stared down” for decades, and Trump’s “talking” has basically done nothing but made the leaders of those nations look like heroes to their own people.

The “talks” with North Korea result in Trump giving a lot of stuff and talking him up, making him seem like an important leader of a legitimate nation - for literally nothing in return. All it did was let Trump put himself in the headlines and claimed he’d accomplished nothing while setting things back.

Basically all he did was derail the peace talks between South and North Korea… hooray?

Similarly, Iran has been started down by the allied world since the Ayatollah took over and generally the goal has been to undermine the Ayatollah’s power base by giving his citizens options and a view that the world outside is NOT going to bomb them. All that work has now been burned down by Trump’s wanting to appear like a tough guy… and no progress has been made.

World politics and decades long problems are not impulse decisions made by someone who hasn’t been paying attention, they’re generally speaking long term campaigns to make progress the best option.


Yes, but to the mind of a billionaire the definition of progress is always relative to themselves.

The “nothing in return” part is always the baffling part in many of these high level handshakes and closed door meetings. I’ve experienced them myself (told to leave the room while the Boss of Bosses carry on with no one to witness them) and as it is now with US Politics, it is a source of confusion and dissent. But you can bet “something happened” and it will only come out years after.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all this time Trump is also treating the Presidency itself as just another lever for him to pull. It’s not hard to imagine that the real fruit of all these talks he is diverting to himself is that after his Presidential Term ends Trump is suddenly a large hotel chain in Russia and the largest food and medicine company in North Korea, a Trump holding company is the largest investor in Chinese electronics firms, etc. etc.


Nobody will ever speak his name again.


The whole point of the closed door meetings is to get to an in the open resolution, instead what Trump got was a non-binding agreement to “do something” and now that nothing is happening he’s shifted to blaming China (aka the super power with the most interest in removing NK’s nuclear capability… given they live right next door)

No, you really can’t - if that was how it worked all the world’s problems would already be solved, furthermore if “something happened” there’s no reason to assume that the “something” was a good thing for anyone.

Yeah, the abuse of a political office for personal gain has been a big talking point for a lot of people since it… how do you say… “illegal” and when it is done at the expense of the nation to the benefit of a foreign power it is known as “treason”


The exact opposite occurs. Everyone outside the room is told only what they need to hear.


Yes, with the goal of reaching an open resolution. The closed door meeting allows them to say things that cannot be said in the open whether it’s due to security, not wanting to admit to it, not being able to publicly announce it yet, etc.

After you have the closed door meetings, you have the open meetings where you - with knowledge from the closed door meeting, then reach an agreement that can be signed off on.

If you just have closed door meetings and no open meeting to reach a result then all it does is raise suspicion and waste money.


Not sure which of us is being more idealistic about these “closed door meetings”. :stuck_out_tongue:


The sensible thing for twitter to do would just be to ban this hateful cunt from his platform. But since twitter loves not banning nationalists I doubt it will happen.


This is definitely a performance issue, not the decision making. But that of Marksmanship and Presence of Mind. And yes, “the mind cannot process information that fast” supposedly.

Still, maybe they need more extreme training for “Terror Confidence” as the Russian FSB call it…


  1. Be trained to intentionally take fire into your chest (with body armor) and then return fire with a simulated head shot to the enemy.
  2. Maintain trigger discipline, eliminating numbered targets in order while being shoved and yelled at.


So in hollywood there are still exists people with spine that friendship is more important than career and money
Bravo Bautista!


Don’t believe the Fake News and media propaganda, Alex Jones was not banned anywhere!!1 It is all a conspiracy to make you not visit his channels again!1


I talk a bit about that story here.


You reminded me immediatly of this short rant…


Bautista is making these statements following Disney’s firing of the writer-director when old tweets of Gunn’s resurfaced from right-wing media personalities as part of a continuing effort against left-leaning individuals.

Fascinating how it’s far right internet mobs drumming up outrage and not “Snowflake Lefties”…


To be quite frank this strikes me as something completely different from what I associate with “outrage from snowflake lefties”.
Most of the time “SJWs” try to get someone fired over tweets it strikes me as kneejerk reactions that sort of grow and spread naturally with retweets, while this seems far more insidious. If I understand what’s going on, this is a direct attempt to find “damaging tweets”… a well organized smear campaign.



What Disney did to Gunn was pathetic, he posted some very idiotic jokes a DECADE ago! it does’nt matter to me if he is leftist or not because I don’t hate leftists, everybody on this planet have right to have own opinion and express it if they want to, I’m against political corretness agenda in media and art


Same. As long Hollywood does not get rid of Scientology I take no morality uproar seriously. Being an idiot is one thing, it is even a small thing if it is not affecting the professional work the idiot is doing.

But if x% of the cinema ticket goes to Scientology when Travolta or Cruise is in the film this is making me way more upset. Of course you can see it legitimized what the actor does with his loan but it is enormously much.