General News Thread 2.0


I bet if I asked you what Political Correctness was, you wouldn’t even be able to define it.


I’d say it’s using euphemisms in order not to offend anyone.


Ok, and how is trying not to offend people a bad thing?


It’s not. But we’re living in a time where literally everything offends someone. You can’t win. Where does it end?

The fact of the matter is; you simply cannot eliminate everything that offends someone, because no matter what you do someone will always be offended. Period.

Can’t please the world.


So that means you shouldn’t try at all? How hard should you try?


I didn’t say that… I just mean, where does it end? I mean, how can one possibly go about and “try” to do something, that no matter what you say or do “someone” will have their feelings hurt? It’s a good effort on paper but it just isn’t practical logically. It’s a losing battle.


This sounds like a massive exaggeration. Not everything is offensive to someone. There is no “war on christmas”, etc.

I think most of us can (and probably do) go about our daily lives without hurting people’s feelings because it’s actually pretty easy.


Actually it’s very funny you bring that up… because here in the US we actually had a “war on Christmas” where at jobs we actually had to say “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas because it was “offensive”


The problem with it (in theory) is that phrases or even topics which are of emotional nature for some are asked to not be raised in discussions. In worst case this is limiting the discourse.

So of course you are a dick if you insult someone. But for example if you want to discuss aspects in the laws about sex crimes, you might have problems to find a good solution for an issue if you are not allowed to be explicit enough.


bullshit lmao


And yeah, literally anyone can take offense to anything now days if you don’t agree. That’s what I meant by you can’t please everyone.

  • Christian vs Atheist
  • Republicans vs Democrats
  • What people find funny vs What people don’t find funny.

Etc. the list goes on… no matter what “side” you are, the other can take offense.


Okay… tell that to the people in the US that had jobs where we actually had to say that. (Myself included)


Boo hoo, get a real problem.



That offends me… see how that works :wink:

I understand it’s not a “real” big issue, but it’s the principle of the thing…


I’ve yet to meet someone who is offended by “merry christmas”.

I have, however, met a lot of people who are offended by “happy holidays” because they immediately assume that is used in lieu of “merry christmas” due to reasons of “political correctness”.

These are all just silly buzzwords. “Political Correctness” doesn’t really exist like people claim it does - It’s just a phantom enemy created by people on the right who want to be able to get away with saying offensive/racist/sexist things without being called out on it.


Literally no difference whatsoever (people are still offended regardless) that’s what I was trying to get at. You simply CANNOT please the whole world.

And you have yet to meet someone who gets offended by Merry Christmas? Come to the US and be amazed.

Like I said it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to not offend “someone” you can try but you WILL fail. I’m sorry if you can’t comprehend this hard fact. Good luck


I have done, many times. Never met them. They probably don’t even exist.




That’s not a war on Christmas! A war on Christmas would be trying to eradicate the memory of Christmas from the minds of everyone in the country. It’s fucking ridiculous, this “war on Christmas” bullshit.