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Which brings the “war on religion” (birth of Christ) I’m not a religious man either btw, I’m simply making an example to how people try to “remove” it from Christmas itself because it (again) “offends” certain people…


The only war on religion in the United States is the war on non-christians.


And that makes any difference, how? (If that were so) it still has one side still offended. That’s again, what I meant by “a losing battle”


These “certain people” don’t exist. It’s not some widespread problem. Maybe if you scour the Internet hard enough you might find one example of a person claiming to be offended by the phrase “Merry Christmas” but the whole notion of there being some kind of War on religion or Christmas or Christianity in general is just completely nonsensical.

The war on Christmas is even faker than the idea of a Virgin giving birth to a baby he is


You’re totally missing the point here…

You see (that^^^) that would be very “offensive” towards Christians.

This is exactly what I was talking about in response to YOUR post. “Someone” will always be offended as long as people have opinions, beliefs, etc. regardless of what side you’re on. Do you see what I’m talking about now…?

And yes Quinn, those people DO exist. I seen it first hand, I just don’t let it bother me. Just because you haven’t encountered such people do not mean they don’t exist. The few hundred people you encounter on a daily basis do not make up for the rest of the world, I’m afraid…

Yes, some people do get offended over such silly things believe it or not…

Perhaps it is you that should be scouring the internet, because if you type in that topic, you will literally find hundreds of examples of people bringing it up and how it does offend certain cultures, so obviously it’s more known than you think. Regardless on how silly it truly is.


Let’s not forget the Christian oppression of other religions in the Western World. Anytime a company changes their “merry christmases” to “happy holidays” a Christian religious organisation will get up in arms and start crying.


Well supposedly he has the greatest moustache since Tom Selleck, so maybe this is a way to capitalize on it.


This reminds me of a sit down with a script writer for a story they were developing. Long story short, they built up all this tension and all this desperation… It was a very tragic story thing.

Then they asked me: “How should it end?”

Me: “Well, with all this weight you built and all the bad choices. In Shakespeare, this is going to end in suicide.”

Writer: “I can’t have that. It’s too sensitive.”

Me: “Shakespeare used it. A lot. You’re saying something. You have to say it. The hero has to die because you’ve gotten this far. They have to pay the full price of what they chose.”

Writer: “…no no… Shakespeare was a different time. The Internet will get mad. Maybe I can get the guy arrested”

Me: “After all the shit he pulled? After ruining his family? You just want to send him to jail? On Page 8 you kill this other guy. Fine. But you can’t handle this because it’s ‘sensitive’?”

I felt like the guy’s fear of ruffling any feathers was affecting his own expression of something that, to me, felt like it required something.

Sorry… can’t get into spoilers. But I felt it was a problem. :stuck_out_tongue:


Elon Musk seemingly bent on stepping on live wires…

… Now his next plan is to de-list Tesla from the SEC.


Tesla could hardly ever be a “private” company given how they’ve stayed afloat all these years:


A probable connection?

… Nature finds a Way… If they will not fix issues of Gun Control then the issues of Gun Control will fix them.

Also interesting to note that weapons seller Dick’s Sporting Goods, which changed policies to advocate stricter gun controls and with increased restriction on product lines and registration requirements actually saw sales increase by 24%.


Already posted the NRA one, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to post it again so we can have more people laugh at them? :slight_smile:


I couldn’t find that post. But yeah… Natural Law has a way of working itself out .

As one Sony Columbia exec once said: “You can’t escape at the end of the day.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Especially if you’re a front for Russian spies.


Yeah well… this is also a case in point back when the School Shooting trend began to swell. It’s not hard to see that eventually any proper gun ownership is threatened by mishandling of improper gun ownership.

If the 2nd Amendment is one day found dead, gun owners should pin the blame on the same government official gun control activists blamed. And they should point the finger at those within and without their organizations who abused the accessibility of weapons or did nothing to improve its control.

This illustrates that proper regulations (and not the total lack of them) is what protects all freedoms, including the freedom to bear arms.


Except now just about anyone can buy a fucking SA rifle at a store. Absolutely ridiculous.


He is too good looking to play Geralt but I will be lying if I would say that I don’t want to look like him :smiley:


Just your daily reminder that your president is an asshole.


Anyone who thinks modern-day Croatia is in any way similar to the Ustaša puppet-state of the 40’s is a very stupid person.


Honestly, is Russia’s foreign policy just a bunch of bears (because it’s Russia) jacking off on paper? Do they not realise the reason everyone hates them is because they threaten people on a daily fucking basis? Die Putin.