General News Thread 2.0


All the proof you need to know that despite their party nominee being Satan’s asshole, some republicans will stick by him no matter what. Disgraceful to democracy.


Ok, so first, fuck you Jack Dorsey. Second, with all the white nationalists and racists allowed to put their hate on twitter, I am definitely not surprised.


Hey… let’s break up this serious conversation with some comic relief.

This is my home country’s official Federalism information campaign launch video.

This video by the way is part of a 1.6 Million USD information campaign… Not a lot of money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not surprisingly… the “information” has been less than enlightening…

So while the rest of the world deals with serious problems. In PH, people just have to deal with this circus.

I don’t know who has it worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: For people worried about this. Don’t. This country is made of teflon. It’s indestructible. Someone somewhere will sort this out… in time. :stuck_out_tongue:



Ahem Alex Jones is a disgusting pig who creates fake news to incite racial tensions, harasses school shooting survivors and their families (to the point of talking about revealing their addresses), pushed the absolutely stupid and fake “pizzagate” conspiracy, and is all around an unpleasant man. Why should he not be suspended again?


Yeah, I agree. But that doesn’t alleviate my concerns that this’ll only empower him and all the fruit loops who call themselves his fans. What Faceboot et. al. did was validate his conspiracy theory that social media companies are on a “witch-hunt” to silence him for exposing the TRUTH™. To be clear: I have no issue with private companies like Facebook and YouTube banning users for breaching their guidelines, but there’s going to be blowback… which’ll include people calling for the govt to get involved.

Alex Jones has appealed to Trump to “help him out” and we already know his allies like Milo Yiannopoulos are calling for regulations to facilitate “free speech” on private platforms. It’s deeply troubling. This is why Facebook (and other services) are pretty naive in focusing on the short-term ramifications of carrying out bans like these, as it’ll turn users away and spawn louder voices on alternative mediums in the long-term.

Not only will this foster greater dysfunction and division within online discourse, it’ll delegate people to their preferred “bubbles” of conversation, where they’ll never be called out or criticised.


I’m fine with being called out or criticised. I’d rather someone who doesn’t harass shooting victims’ families be the one who does it, is all.


Those bubbles already exist. People like Alex Jones don’t want to have an honest, open discussion in which two sides listen to and counter one another. He’s a conspiracy theorist who whips an angry audience up into a frenzy to harass the families of murdered children.

He has nothing of value to add to any discussion, he’s been platformed for far too long from companies that gain nothing from it. I’m at peace with banning him from social medias. In the long run it will be a net benefit.


I hope it’ll be a net benefit too and won’t miss his absence, but I’m naturally concerned when we unintentionally manufacture these bubbles of self-approval which are then embraced by some pretty despicable people.


I understand the concern but also think those bubbles already exist - We don’t need to manufacture them because there already there.


Russian aggression at its finest.


Finally some good news


Ugh. Why am I not surprised that Fox News is being racist again?


This is delightful. I mean it’s horrid, but delightful.


Germany lifts ban on Nazi symbols in video games. Currently, Germany allows TV and Film some freedom to depict the symbols in certain situations.

The ban, which was particularly highlighted during a 1998 court case involving WOLFENSTEIN 3D, has now been relaxed but with submissions subject to review by the USK which serves as Germany’s content and age rating board.

The implication here is that if your game uses these symbols, your product’s age rating may be affected, and uses deemed in bad taste can still result in an order to remove the symbols in exchange for allowing said game to be released.


I consider this a good change because games with said imagery aren’t even supposed to be for all ages. Besides, it was absurd having this in games like Wolfenstein where your objective is to kill as many Nazis as you can plus whatever supernatural abomination or sci-fy project they had.


I think it has to do with the changing demographics in USA, in what that FOX reporter meant


Anything sponsored by the KKK is something that shouldn’t have been said.

She said the “America we know is being wiped out by immigrants” basically.

Funny coming from a person living in a country founded by fucking immigrants.


Your right let’s all live in Ethiopia, duo to humans originating there. And yes, the only humans in Europe that may now live in Europe are these people, in your mind


Ok firstly, what the fuck does that have anything to do with what I was saying about Laura Ingraham’s comments being racist?


No. I never mentioned Europe. Don’t start something that has nothing to do with the topic of my post.